Friday, January 25, 2013

Ready for the Weekend

When I was working at my Federal Job  I always looked forward to the weekend. Today as I was thinking about what I have going on this weekend,  I am looking forward to Monday.  My husband actually has the weekend off, those in retail know that is usually not the case, and I hope to at least get a few hours with him on Saturday evening. Saturday 8 - noon I have to be at First Reconciliation at Church and then back again from 1 - ?? for a town hall meeting on church finances and since I am party of the Finance Council I have to be there.  Hopefully I will get to a movie with my hubby on Saturday night. My oldest daughter wants to go to a swim meet on Saturday so Don will  have to take her.  Sunday morning is church and Faith Formation until around noon then back home for My Birthday Open House.  Then back to church at 6:00 for another Town Hall meeting.  I am looking forward to my Open House I have 11 people who are coming and it should be fun.  I have two make and takes and two games we will play.  I have a birthday give away and after the movie tomorrow I have to put together the goody bags for everyone, I forgot those today.  I have everything prepped for the make and takes and cleaned my stamping room and set up today so that is ready to go.  I have my Techniques class ready to go for next Month but I need to design two Christmas cards for my class next weekend, I have the ideas but not the examples.  I told Meigan sometime this weekend we would do another video. I am exhausted and it is not even Saturday yet.
here is the peek at my techniques class for next month.
So wish me luck, it will be a fun long weekend and I do enjoy it so much.

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