Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stampin' Up! Leadership 2013 Saturday and Big announcements

Today started early or at least it felt like it.  You know those Pajama parties you never get enough sleep.
Started out with Shellie and she was not feeling any better her cough was worse but she struggled through it.  She showed the Oh Hello Suite.  Some really nice stuff. Here is a few photos of the things she made.

It was also announced that the next group of single stamps are on their way.  I was only able to get a shot of 5 but there will be 10 and some just as single stamps.

 Scott our CFO gave us some figures for 2012 World Wide Revenue was $184.2 Million goal for 2013 is $185.5 Million. In 2012 900,00 orders were shipped with an 84% correct and timely.  I would say that is pretty good I think it was very noticeable. 2012 World Wide had 18,750 Recruits North America had 14,189

Another announcement that about a new promotion.  For the 25th Anniversary Stampin' Up! is bringing back some great stamps Each month they will bring a set of stamps 3-5 best selling and one new stamp.  This set will be $14.95, you will get a card and sticker and for every 6 stamps sets you buy you can purchase a stamp set out of the catalog for up to $14.95.  Is that great or not.

Here is the first set coming out.

Then we went to our break out classes.  Today I attended. Creating your Blue Print for Success presented by Brandi Barnard and Meg Daves. This was a good class for Leadership 2013 and I really learned a lot and one thing they told us is for us Demos is that they are going to have a Cost Calculator that will help us find out how much our classes and workshops actually cost us.  Something we use but is not always up to date.

Next class I attended was Meet New People, Find New Faces by Shannon West another good Leadership 2013 class.  10 ways to meet new people some really good ones that I will be trying.

Then back for the final General Session.

Pam Morgan gave a good talk about not discounting as it hurts all of us and also the image of Stampin' Up!

Rich Jutkins came on and reminded us that we should be concentrating on the pearls of why we are with Stampin' Up! and is is not the box (the incentives, the bags, the and other things). we are in it because we love what we do and we Share what we love.  Stampin' Up! is a unique company and not really in it because we love to stamp and we want to build relationships Stamps is just how we do it not that making money isn't important but that is not really why Stampin' Up! started  was a really good wake up call.

Shellie came on again and made what I think was the biggest announcement of the convention.  We will be able to add on-line orders to workshops.  Which means your hostess friends can add orders on-line and connect them to the workshop.  I wish we could use it now but no date yet.  I know my workshops will get more orders and now you can set up on-line workshops.

IT then ended.  Sure went by fast for my first Leadership.  I will miss my roomies Rosemary and Heidi.  I had a great time.  Here are a few more photos of some samples.

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