Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stampin 'Up! Leadership 2013

Well check in went well.  it was fun Carrie Cudney checked me in.  rosemary and I then headed for the service project which was packing Stampin' Up! bags with With Stampin' Up! merchandise for teachers in the Orlando Area goal was to do 2000 I helped by doing 23 bags.  Rosemary wanted us to do 33 the number of schools in the District she works in she did 10 I did 23 and we made the goal.

I also went to the first timers get together, if this is your first time at Leadership you get to go and meet people.  We played get to know you BINGO I think I found everything but Find another Demo at First time that is from your State, didn't meet anyone else from WY.

The three of us then went to the class How to get to Managers' Reception Next Year, with Brian Pilling.  Was good, things I knew but needed reminders about.  Writing down your goals and sharing them with someone.  Well I will share with you all my goal  To be a manager by June 30 2013.  I need to have $7,200 in 12 month rolling sales, 6 active Demonstrators under me and 1 of my demonstrators need to be a Supervisor.

The Convention center is great and big.  Has great flowers and colorful plants all around I really like the color so different than the brown white of Cheyenne this time of year.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to post while you are at Leadership. I soooo wanted to be there this year but the family needed me. Alas, I will live vicariously through you and other SCS's.

    1. It was a fun Time maybe next year you will be able to go. This was my first time and I loved it.