Sunday, March 24, 2013

I am all packed now Kayla needs to

OK sharing a suitcase with Meigan was OK. At least we could find everything and it was neat.  Well Kayla and I are heading to Blacksburg VA to visit Virginia Tech and we have decided to share a suitcase.  Of course she wanted the suitcase all to herself but I thought we could fit into one large case, we shall see. I am packed and have about a 1/3 of the suitcase.  She said that she has to bring all her homework books since she hasn't done homework in the last 3 days and has a bunch to do on the trip.  I am looking forward to the trip (except for the suitcase portion of it).  Never been to Blacksburg and here it is very nice.  I did check the weather hoping that we would have some warm weather but no.  Monday and Tuesday they are calling for snow.  So we leave just as the snow leaves and arrive there with the snow.  I hope we have at least one nice day.  I intend to do some walking around campus.

I will post some photos and videos while we are there.  I hope Kayla and I both survive and one of us doesn't end up in the hospital or jail.

Check back for nightly updates.

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