Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day in Blacksburg

Started early for the Orientation session. gave a lot of information about Virginia Tech.  Was nice.  Weather was a little not so nice.  We had flurries and cold.  Not as cold as Cheyenne and not as windy or I thought, though locals said it was windy, 25 miles per hour just a slight breeze.  After the Orientation we had about 1 15  before we headed over to the Engineering School talk so went to Financial Aid.  They were very helpful.  Then to Engineering was a great talk and told all about the different engineering opportunities.  We then went to one of the cafeterias and eat at Qdoba.  Sure was a different experience than my cafeteria days.  Went on a walking tour of campus. Only took about an hour and we took a few tours of some buildings.  Looked at a dorm room, looked like mine.  Then went back to hotel and took a nap.  Woke up and we toured the town of Blacksburg about 10 minutes by car and we got lost. I like the small community but Kayla wants a little bigger area. More hunting.

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