Friday, March 15, 2013

Swimming is the name of the game for Meigan

Meigan is our adventurer.  She likes to try new things.  You would never know it as she hates change and must know what is happening every second before it happens or she gets upset, but she will try anything to eat and now she is trying different sports.

You know she loves her Viola and that is the highlight of her day is to practice.  She loves her dance.  She has now found a new love.  In 5th and 6th grade she tried basketball and volley ball. this year in 7th grade she was on the volleyball team which she enjoyed and was pretty good at.  But she is now beaming every day at 4:30 when I pick her up from swim practice.  She took a few swim lessons when she was young nothing more than we were confident she wouldn't drown at birthday parties, nothing serious.  Well she wanted a winter sport but didn't want to do basketball or track.  So in came swimming, never been swimming for competition or even laps.  Doesn't know all the strokes but she is now a fish and loves it.  She competes in 50 yard free style and 50 yard backstroke along with a 200 freestyle relay.  Yesterday was her second meet and she dropped 2 seconds off her freestyle and I never seen her smile so big.  I think this will be her sport.

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