Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What a day.

OK today was a busy day.  Dropped Kayla off at school and she was not feeling good, so was expecting a call.  Went to my exercise class and really worked hard today. Had my Techniques class and did  Triple Layer Stamping
It was fun and we made a bunch of cards. I will get some pictures up in a few days.

Then just as we were breaking up Kayla called to come pick her up.  Rushed to get her and then back home to throw the chicken in the crock pot and then back to school because she forgot her computer and needed it for homework.  Kayla slept most of the afternoon.  Her prom dress was delivered so had to take care of that.  Then I had a webinar to attend and files to get ready for me Finance Council meeting this evening.  Pick up Meigan from swim practice race home so she can change and get to symphony then I had to go to my finance meeting and then home to eat supper around 9 PM. Boy was it a a busy day.

What did you do today?

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