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 Question for today:
What is StazOn and the difference between a regular ink pad and StazOn.

There are different kinds of ink and each kind has it's own purpose and is good for stamping certain things.  Since the question is about StazOn lets start with that one and work our way through them.

StazOn - That is a brand name.  It is a permanent solvent based ink. It is acid free.  It drys fast and does not need to be heat set. Is mainly used for non-porous surfaces such as plastic, window sheets, cellophane bags, glass, plates, ceramics. It does not come off your stamps with water or Stampin' Mist, you must use StazOn cleaner (don't drop it on your rug, ink side down). You can use it for stamping on card stock, I like to use it to stamp on the Cellophane bags and window sheets - works great for the Stain Glass Technique. Stampin' Up! sells Black and White StazOn but it also comes in other colors.  Best thing about StazOn Black is the great smell.

Dye Based Ink - Stampin' Up!s Classic Ink - Water based dye inks are the most popular inks. They are mainly for card stock and paper.  On Card Stock they dry fast, which helps prevent smearing. On fabric they soak in and since they are water based they will wash out.  Stampin' Up! Classic inks are acid free.  You can clean your stamps with water or Stampin' Mist. It will not dry on non porous surfaces so I would not not recommend for plastics, window sheets or glass.  You may find that it does fade over time - though I have a card I stamped over 5 years ago and it has yet to fade. Since it is water soluble it is great to use for water coloring.  They do soak into the card stock and are great to use for Mono color Stamping (stamping the same color as the card stock, like watermarking), because of that they will not be a true color on other colored card stock.  They will run if caught in the rain.  I use this for my cards, 3-D projects involving card stock or designer series paper.

Pigment Based Ink - Stampin' Up!s Craft Ink.  They are thicker than the dye based inks and take a longer time to dry, you may want to dry them with a heat tool.  You can use them on a variety of surfaces.  They are usually acid free.  Since they do not absorb into the card stock like dye based inks they give a true color when stamping of other color of card stock. Can be cleaned up with water or Stampin' Mist, a little more work needed than the dye based ink. Stampin' Up! only sells Whisper White which is great for using on black card stock.  You can also make other colors by either getting the whisper white and adding colored re-inker or getting an empty pad and the whisper white refill and then adding re-inker.  I use this for chalkboard technique, for true color stamping on other colored card stock - I have a pad I made up with Pumpkin Pie for my Halloween cards.  I also use it for stamping on fabric - you do have to heat set it.

Watermark Ink - VersaMark.  Also referred to as Embossing ink as it is used for embossing.  It is on the order of a pigment ink but clear. Used for tone on tone stamping, makes it appear a few shades darker on the Card Stock.Takes a long time to dry unless heated. Use to emboss.  You can clean the same as pigment ink, water or Stampin' Mist, again may take a little more to clean.  It is sticky to can be used with heat and stick powder and for embossing.  You can also stamp a stamp with VersaMark and then a classic ink and use clear embossing powder to have any color for embossing.  I love it and use it all the time.  Don't worry if the pad becomes yellow or brown it will still work and does stamp clear.

Thanks for stopping by.  If you have any questions please leave them in the comments or e-mail me at nuhddad @ (take out the spaces).

Happy Stamping

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