Sunday, May 12, 2013

Grandma's Rocking Chair - Stamping Questions and Answers

Good Evening,

When I was growing up I thought I had the best grandma there was.  I could always climb on her lap and snuggle and ask her any question.  From Why is the sky blue? to Do you love me? and she would always answer my questions.  Thinking back I still think she was the best grandma.  So I thought I would start a column in honor of my Grandma and call it Grandma's Rocking Chair.

You can ask me any question about Stamping and Paper Crafts and I will try my best to answer them.  I may have to research it but it will be fun and informative.

So here goes the First Question.

Why do you like to use Glue Dots instead of SNAIL adhesive?

I do have preference for Glue Dots as most of you know.  Really my favorite Adhesive is Sticky Strip but I think it is more expensive and so Glue dots come in a second.  I do use Sticky Strip on most of the 3-D projects I work on because I have found nothing that will hold better.  So why glue dots.  I like to use them because they are convenient, easy to use, stick fairly well, and the price is right.  I can use 4 dots on a card front, when I use SNAIL  I tend to go over board and do all 4 sides.  I have also found that once you apply the glue dots and you sit on your card (yes I said sit on it) they stick really well -  I think it is the heat and weight (no comments on that one) that seals them well.  I have found that with SNAIL  my cards sometimes come off in pieces especially if I wait awhile to send them.  I really don't like to spend time on a great card  send it and then have someone tell me a piece fell off. I have tried sitting on the snail and it really does not help it like the glue dots.  Though I do use SNAIL when I have to mass produce a bunch of cards, say Christmas Cards, invitations etc.  It is faster I think than glue dots and I think if I send the cards quickly I don't have as much problems with the SNAIL.  So I do use, Sticky Strip, Glue Dots and SNAIL all for different reasons and for different purposes.

If you would like a question answered please leave a comment or e-mail me the question at nuhddad @ (remove the spaces around the @).  I will post answers to questions Sunday.

Hope you enjoyed Grandma's Rocking Chair.

Happy Stamping


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