Sunday, June 2, 2013

Grandma's Rocking Chair - June 2 2013

Question for today:

There is a lot of Dazzling in the Stampin' Up! Catalog what is the difference between the Dazzling Details, Dazzling Details - Dazzling Details (color) and the Dazzling Diamonds.
Dazzling Details - What a lot of folks call Glitter Glue It is a clear glue or a white glue that dries clear with glitter mixed in.  Our Dazzling Details contains: Silver Sparkle -  Silver Glitter; Cherry Cobbler - which is a Red Glitter;  and then the other Dazzling Details which is a clear type of Glitter.

Why they Called the Set Dazzling Details and one of the colors Dazzling Details I don't know, I think they should have called it Diamond Details, but they don't ask me so oh well.

The Dazzling Details and all Glitter Glue is great to use to add some sparkle to your card. It gives it dimension and can be applied directly not having to use glue to stick on.  I has a fine point so you can really get it where you want it. One problem is it does take a long time to dry, so if you want to do a quick card and send at the same time this is not something you would want to use.  I love it especially if I want to add just a few little dots or a small amount to give it a quick sparkle.  I would keep a pin handy if you don't use it every day as the tip clogs up and you need to open it up.

Dazzling Diamonds is a glitter not in glue and can be used for a lot of things, including making your own glitter glue.  You need an adhesive so that it sticks but you can use it with snail (makes a great straight line), use it with Heat & Stick Powder, Crystal Effects ( I used to make my own glitter glue with this), Glue Dots for just a little spot, 2-way glue pen, Multipurpose Liquid Glue and Multipurpose Adhesive sheets.  Dazzling Diamonds is a fine  glitter and almost clear so it just shines I love using it.  I have even mixed it with embossing powder to give a sparkling embossed look.
You can dye Dazzling Diamonds to coordinate with any Stampin’ Up! color. Here’s how:
1. Add one drop of Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill and a few drops of water to an empty Stack & Store container.
2. Add about 1/2 teaspoon of Dazzling Diamonds and mix. Continue adding glitter until all the dye is absorbed. The glitter will become fluffy as it absorbs the dye.

3. Continue to mix glitter until it sparkles. The dyed glitter will stay fluffy but the color will reflect off the glitter, so all you see is colored sparkles

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