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Grandma's Rocking Chair - July 28, 2013 - Card Stock Weight

Grandma's Rocking Chair Question of the Day - What does the 80 Lbs Refer to on Card Stock
Brights 8-1/2" x 11" Cardstock

Card Stock and even regular paper comes in different weights.  Regular paper (copier paper) is called Text Weight and Card Stock comes in Cover Weight.  It usually is the weight of 500 pages.  So 500 pages of a 80 Weight would be 80 Lbs.  500 pages of a 40 Weight would be 40 lbs. Within each scale, the weight of the paper is indicated by a number, for example, 80 lb cover, or 80 lb text. The higher the number, the heavier, and usually thicker, the paper. Now it again gets confusing as Text and Cover are also based on the measure meant of the size of the original paper it is cut from. Text is based on a 25 x 28 sheet of paper, Cover is based on 24 x 36.
It is important to note that text and cover weight scales are completely separate, unrelated scales. For example, an 80 pound text weight sheet is much lighter and thinner than an 80 pound cover weight sheet, even though they are both 80 lb sheets.
So the higher the number the heavier the Card stock.

I know I probably confused you even more.  Stampin' Up! Card Stock is 80 lbs.  I like it as it is thicker or heavier than those you get at those other stores.  I find it holds up a lot better when creating cards and I love it for backing on Scrapbook pages.  You can stand a card up and it will not fall down.  I find it easier to make folds that stay and don't rip.

Hope that all  helps you.

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Happy Stamping

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