Sunday, July 7, 2013

Grandma's Rocking Chair July 7

 Here we are in Grandma's Rocking Chair again.

Question for today:
I want to buy a set of Markers which set should I get, what colors will I use most?

Of course you can get all the colors and then you wouldn't have any problems but if you are limited in what you can get here is my suggestions.

First what are the colors you like the best. Most folks will lean to one of the families the most.  Mine is the Brights, I love the brights.
Brights Stampin' Write Markers
But even though I love the Brights I find myself using other colors a lot. In Fact the First set of ink pads I got was the brights and a few others and I noticed that I was using the other colors more. In fact More Mustard and Real Rust were the two I was using all the time even though I just loved the colors of the Brights.  Of course I only had three other ink pads so It was either Brights or black or More Mustard or Real Rust.  A few months later I had to buy some subtles, I was never into the pale colors why did I have to buy those, I thought they would be the least used of anything.  Imagine my surprise when I was using them about every other card, Barely Banana I used for a set of cards that I still love today.

Why if my favorite colors were the brights would I need to have anything other than the brights.  Over the years I found the answer.  I seem to use the more muted softer colors during the spring time. During the summer my brights come out, lively happy, bright colors just like a summer day.  Fall is more the fall rich colors the golds, burgundy, the purples, the colors of a nice fall day.  Then during the winter my blues and silvers, grays move in the color of the silver lining of clouds. I do come back to my brights as they have some of all the colors but I find that I move to other colors during the year.

My Answer look at the colors you like.  Are they the colors of the season or colors you like.  If you have some ink pads which ones are you using most and what color family are they, you may want to just fill out that color family especially if you like to mix colors on your stamps or to color you stamped images in.

Or if you have a lot of one family you may want to look at Markers in a family you have very little color in so if you get that call for other colors you will be able to answer it.  You may want to get one set of markers now and then a few months get another set.  Markers are a real good way to get all the colors and then figure out which ones you use the most and get those in the pads.

I hope this helped.

If you have a stamping or  paper crafting question please leave a comment or e-mail me at nuhddad @ (remove the spaces around the @)

Also don't forget the Mystery Hostess for this month.
Just use the Hostess Code D92T7VMS and you will be entered into the drawing.
Mystery Host code  D92T7VMS is good till July 16h and the winner will be announce July 16. The winner will choose Stampin'Up! product of their choice. To be entered in the drawing you need to enter the code.  The big question where do you enter the code when you are on the page of your shopping bag on the left bottom side you will see at the bottom where it say "Special Offer" the box that say "Do you have a hostess code"  Look like this
Do you have a hostess code? Enter it here and click Apply:

 that is where you will enter  D92T7VMS in that box let me know if you have any question and good luck to everyone that will participate. 

Happy Stamping

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