Sunday, December 1, 2013

Grandma's Rocking Chair - December 1, 2013 - Stamps and Paint

Grandma's Rocking Chair - Can you really put paint on your stamps and stamp with them.

Today I had my Customer Appreciation Open House and one of the Make and Takes we had was stamping on a Dish towel with acrylic paint.  Everyone got one flour sack towel and I had some of my stamp sets out and about 6 colors of acrylic paint.  Everyone could design their own towel and stamp on it.  You can see an example on page 64 of the annual catalog, I couldn't find nice tea towels like that for a good price so we use the flour sack towels.  One of my Customers had seen it and wanted to do something like that so thought it would be great for a make and take.  Everyone loved it.

I did have a few questions the big one was Can You Really Put Paint On Your Stamps?

Yes you can. In the Catalog they used sponge daubers, but I used the foam paint brushes you can get at Dollar Tree 10 for $1.  You have to just put a light coat on the stamp and stamp it off quickly.  I had a towel they could practice on if they wanted but most went right ahead and did their own towel.  It was quickly noted and passed around that more is better and you can even read the words if you put less on the stamp. I even had one person do two colors on one stamp it was great.

Only thing I asked is that they clean the stamps really well and don't let them sit and dry, especially the solid stamps.  If the paint drys on the stamp and you can not easily get it off the rubber it will not give a great image with ink as it will not be flat anymore.  I did take a brush when we were done and got most of the ink off all the stamps.  The ones that were hard was not the solid ones but the ones that had a lot of intricate details that the paint could get into, but with a little work those came clean also.

It was a fun time and I wished I had gotten pictures of everyone's but I always forget to take photos, may be I need to hire a photographer.

Would you like to see a video on this technique?  If you do just leave me a comment that you would and I will try and get one done for it.

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Happy Stamping