Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas to all.  
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After spending 4 hours in the ER on Christmas Morning.  I got a new Mandolin Slicer and it really works well.  We got home and have had a great Christmas.  The girls really enjoyed their gifts and this was the first year Kayla earned her own money and could buy her gifts and she really outdid herself.  I got an Otter Box from Meigan, just what I wanted.  From Kayla Bubble Bath, candles and lotion.  From Santa I got a new Address Book, something I have needed for a long time.

Last evening we went to Christmas Mass. I helped with the Children's program, they did so well and it was really good. I am so proud of all the children in Faith Formation and the teachers.

I may be a little late in getting There's A Card Thursday up tomorrow but I will have it up sometime tomorrow.

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Enjoy your Christmas and remember Jesus is the Reason and Christmas lasts for more than one day.

Merry Christmas
Happy Stamping

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