Sunday, April 6, 2014

Grandma's Rocking Chair - April 6, 2014 - Retirement List and New Catalog

Grandma's Rocking Chair Question - When does the Retirement List come out and when can I get a new Catalog?

This is an easy and fun question. I love the retirement list and again this year we are having the great guess the sets that will retire contest.  See below for more details.  I just love to see the retirement list and guess what will be replacing them.  I am sad at a few sets that go each year but I usually find a lot to take there place.  This year Stampin' Up will be announcing the retirement set on April 21st.  That is a little early as they usually announce it just before we (demonstrators) can see the catalog and the big unveiling of the catalog will April 26, they are having a live unveiling at theaters in 42 Cities.  It is on Monday and I just can't go to Denver but will get to see it on the 28th, though I am sure I will hear about it before then. So because of the big event they are moving up the release of the retirement list to the 21st, both the Accessories and the Stamp sets.  Remember once the Accessory list is out they are only available until the supply runs out - first come first get.  You can order all Stamp Sets and any remaining retired Accessories until June 4, 2 days after the new catalog is live. So let me tell you about the Retirement Contest

Retirement Contest
Every year I have a retirement Contest. Nothing Special just some fun and you can win some nice prizes.

Send me by E-mail, IM, or even in the comments of this post 25 sets you think will be retiring and the person who guessed the most will win the Stamp Set It's the Thought, plus some other goodies.  If there is a tie I will Randomly select the winner but the other ones will receive a set of hand made cards from me.  This year I want to try something new also.  If you send in your 25 guess and you have purchased from me one of the sets on your list and it is retiring you will also receive a gift from me.
So three ways to win.
1. Send in a list of 25 guess and get the most right on the list and win.
2. Be a tie with the 25 Guess with the most right and win
3. Guess a set that is retiring and you bought that set from me you also win.
All Entries must be in by April 20th at Noon. e-mail me at marysstamping at, IM me at my Facebook Page , or place a comment on this page with your 25 guesses.

Now let's go to the other part of the question.
When can I get a new Catalog?

Don't you love a new catalog?  I love to feel it in my hands,  I love to look at it all the time.  I love to mark it up with what I have and what I want.  So I love the time when it comes out.  Being a Demonstrator has it's advantages we usually get to see it first (one of the reasons I became a demo). I have been ordering catalogs for my customers to be delivered to their homes all evening today, free from me to you - only catch is you have had to order at least $50 worth of merchandise with me in the past year (You still have time to do that until April 26 this year).  Stampin' Up! will start mailing them out May 1, that does not mean you will get them the next day but you should have them well in advance of when you can order from them on June 2.  You may place an on-line order with me at or click here. All orders must be placed by Noon April 26 so that I can get the orders for the catalogs in.  If you do not want to order but would still like a catalog delivered to your home until April 26 it will be $5.50, let me know your e-mail and mailing address and I will send you a Pay Pal Invoice for the amount.  After April 26 it will be $5.50 plus $5.80 for mailing, as I will be mailing from my house after that time.  So hurry and be the first on your block with the new Stampin' Up! Catalog.

I hope this answered your question.  If you have any Stamping or Paper Crafting questions let me know and I will try to answer them.

Happy Stamping

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