Sunday, May 11, 2014

Grandma's Rocking Chair - May 11, 2014 - Bone Folder

Grandma's Rocking Chair - Review of Bone Folder.

Price: $6.95
This bone folder gives your handmade projects crisp, clean folds. Use it for everything from getting beautiful, crisp folds to distressing the edges of a card, scrapbook page, or accent.

* Scores and burnishes paper
* 6” long
* Made of genuine cattle bone
* Sanded smooth and polished

* Point on one end only

I didn't use a Bone Folder for a long time.  I bought one to round out an order I put in but I didn't use it, to crease the card bases I used my stamping blocks they came it really handy and did a great job.  Then along came the clear mounts and at times I didn't have a stamp base handy  so would grab the bone folder.  I started to like the crisp folds that it made, even better than my stamp blocks.  So I started using it more and more.  I then did a few new fold cards such as the never ending card and the gate fold card and I really loved how it was easier to make the folds for special fold cards.

I used it and liked it, but a funny thing it is white and it seems to disappear a lot.  So every time I lose it for more than a few days I buy another one and then the next day or two I find the one I lost.  You would think with 4 Bone Folders I wouldn't lose them all at once, but it seems like I can usually only find one at a time instead of all four. 

So with four of them  I really do like them.  Now with the Envelope Punch Board I really love the Bone Folder, it really helps to make the envelopes crisp and close tighter.

So if you are still using the stamp block or even your finger nails to crisp up your folders I would really give a bone folder a try.

Happy Stamping

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