Sunday, May 4, 2014

Grandma's Rocking Chair - May 4, 2014 - How do you think of card themes?

Grandma's Rocking Chair - How do you decide what theme to make cards for, your open house?

At my retirement Open house today one of my friends asked how I came up with the card we were making.  Not the design so much but the saying or theme of it.  It was a Happy Day Card.

She thought it would be easy if it was a card class such as Birthday Cards, Mother Days or my Christmas Card class.  But how do I select a theme for an Open House or just general classes?

I had to tell her it was not that hard.  Sometimes I pick out the stamp set first.  Sometimes I design the card first and then choose the stamp set or saying.

Since I need a lot of Thank You Cards, a lot of my general cards are Thank yous, just because I need them.  So you will see a lot of my general classes have thank yous or thinking of you, and some birthday cards.

My Tips & Techniques Tuesday and There's A Card Thursday you will see a lot of these types of cards, thank yous, thinking of you and birthdays.  

If I have to do a card based on a stamp set it is sometimes really easy to see a card just based on a stamp set but other times it can be pretty hard.

I really love the stamp sets and sometimes they just talk to you.  I just let it flow and decide what I need most or really look at the stamp set and image what it will say to me.  

I enjoy making cards and deciding what to make is one of the fun parts.  I hope this helps you in making our cards.

Happy Stamping

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