Sunday, September 14, 2014

Grandma's Rocking Chair - September 14, 2014 - Wooden Elements

Grandma's Rocking Chair question - I like the look of the Autumn Wooden Elements but how do you use them?

They are so beautiful but how do you use them or even get them to stick?

So here are a few hints.

I tie them on with Linen Thread either on a box or even a card.  This works great with the hollow ones.  I love also tying them on with ribbon.

I really love the look and just gives a great cheery look.

For the solid ones you can use sticky strip -  I found this works great. I have tried the Transfer Adhesive Sheets and have mixed results.  out of two I used 1 fell off and two stayed for a while, have not heard about the one that I mailed to see if it was still on the card.  You can also use Multipurpose Liquid Glue but I hate to wait for it to dry.  

You can use these directly on a card also.

Price: $4.95
Frame stamped images, or use alone. 36 pieces: 6 ea. of 6 designs

I will not be having a Grandma's rocking chair next Sunday as I will be camping out.

Happy Stamping

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