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Grandma's Rocking Chair - October 26, 2014 - I don't have time to craft

Grandma's Rocking Chair Question - I don't have time to craft?

I was at a craft show this weekend and it seemed like everyone told me that they didn't have time to craft. So I thought if I was hearing it from them that maybe you folks were also to busy to craft.

Here is what I tell folks that say they are to busy to craft.  When I was working in a left brain world, planning making sure I met deadlines, remembering numbers and projects, I would feel exhausted when i got home from work.  I was cranky and would yell at a drop of the hat.  I was always a crafter crocheting, ceramics, basket weaving, ornament making and finally paper crafts.  I noticed if I went to my craft room after I got home and just spent  15 - 20 mins and created (used my right brain) I could come up and be a human being.  It took me a while to realize it but I did need that me time.

Everyone needs to have some me time just to recharge your battery.  You can not keep doing for others if you don't spend time for yourself.  It is like a car running on empty you have to fill it up every once in awhile.

If you are in a left brain kind of job, or just hauling kids around all day doing errands you have to stop for yourself.  I found, I got a lot more done if I took that 15 - 20 minutes just for me,  I had more energy and could focus more once I had that time.  If you enjoy crafting, then craft, if you enjoy walking then walk, if you enjoy reading read but do it for yourself.

Even though now I do crafting as my job.  I find that after making and editing videos or writing blog posts, or doing a stamping party I still find it energizing to create for me.  I like to make a box, or card or something fun just for me.  Lately I have been buying two My Paper Pumpkins a month.  One for my video and customers and one for me I love to make them as they are only about 30 minutes to do the whole kit and that is perfect.  Sometime I do the instructions and sometimes I just wing it.

Sometimes it is cards.

Sometime it's a project.

I would suggest that if you need some me time and you are a crafter that you really look at getting My Paper Pumpkin.  Some great projects and they include everything you need except scissors and sometimes adhesive (lately they have been including that). $19.95 plus tax  you can't beat that for a boost to your energy and self esteem.

You can order two ways.

You can get prepaid subscriptions of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. This also makes a great Christmas Gift, wouldn't you like your significant other to give you 30 minutes a month me time?  Just click here to order yours.

You can also get a monthly subscription where you give them a credit card and they charge you every month. To start your subscription click here.

I really would love it if you ordered Paper Pumpkin it is great.  But no matter what do something for yourself, don't say you don't have time.  Make the time as it is very important for your health.

Happy Stamping

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