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Stamping in the Mail Class for January 2015 - From the Herd

Stamping in the Mail Class - January 2015 - From the Herd
Ok  I have to admit that I really love the  Occasion Catalog and one of my Favorite stamp set is From the Herd.  Why you may ask well there is a group of us that have wanted a Llama Stamp and we now have it.  I also like that we have a stamp from a group of people.  When I worked I used to make cards but never had a stamp from all of us and now I do.  I thin this one will be a big seller and a hit and you can get it plus three fully made cards, instructions for those cards and supplies to make them yourself.
$39 for a Wood Set, 3 finished cards, Instructions, and supplies to complete the three cards on your own.
$35 for a Clear Set, 3 finished cards, Instructions, and supplies to complete the three cards on your own.
$33 for a Clear Set, 3 finished cards, Instruction, and supplies to complete the three cards on your own.
$17 for just the 3 finished cards, Instructions and supplies to complete the three cards on your own.

You may also substitute a same priced stamp set for this stamp set if you would like.  Wood is $24.95, Clear is $17.95 and Photopolymer is $15.95

Here is the Stamp Set From the Herd.
And here is the Stamp Set plus the three cards.
Let's Take a closer look at the cards.
This first card is my party Animals card  You can even color this in if you would like but I love just to highlight the colors with the balloons and hats.
This next one is my Blendabilities coloring one  I love the bright colors and not that typical animal look.  It is cold and wintery here and I really wanted a colorful Happy card and I think this one is it. 
This last card is in celebration of my friends from Stampin' Addicts and celebrates the Llama.

You can order this class by emailing me at marysstamping at do so by January 10th and be the first to get your own Llama. Also include your other Occasion Catalog orders. 

More details about this class.
Stamping in the Mail Class

Would you like to get inspiration in the mail, along with a stamp set? Well join me for Stamping in the Mail.  You will receive a Stamp Set, 3 finished cards using the stamp set, Step by Step Instructions for each of the cards and supplies to make each of the cards.

Here’s how it works
The First of each month I will post (, newsletter and ) the stamp set and projects for that month. The Stamp set will be a current Stamp Set between $14.95 and $16.95.  You will receive 3 finished full cards using that set, instruction for making those cards and enough supplies that you can also finish each of those cards on your own. Cost including mailing to you will be $33 for Photopolymer, $35 for clear Mount, $39 for wood mount and $17 for just cards, instructions and supplies*.  If you have this stamp set you may substitute another stamp set of same price ($15.95 photopolymer, $17.95 Clear, $24.95 Wood),  but you must let me know when you opt in each month or you will receive the stamp set for that month.  You do not have to make a long term commitment you can participate month by month. But if you order 3 Consecutive months in your fourth month order you will get a present worth between $4.95 and $5.95.
1st of Month posting of Stamp Set and Projects
1st – 10th of Each month e-mail me at if you would like to participate that month.
1st – 10th I will send out pay-pal invoices for payment.  You may either mail me payment or use pay-pal to pay me.
10th Payment must reach me by 4 PM on this date.  If I do not have payment I will not be ordering for you that month.  If your payment comes in late I will either return it or you can credit it for the following month.
10th I will order all stamp sets and other supplies needed for your class.
10th – 20th I will be assembling your cards and supplies.
21st  - 25th I will mail your Stamping in the Mail.
Anyone in the US can join anytime.
*You may also order other items just let me know.

Happy Stamping

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  1. I love this stamp because before I moved from WA to MI I had every one of these animals! Unfortunately I only have dogs & cats now......