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Grandma's Rocking Chair - March 15, 2015 - What have I been doing

Grandma's Rocking Chair - Gall Bladder, Cards and Classes.

OK I know I missed last Sunday and Grandma's Rocking Chair - no excuse I just missed it.  So let me fill you in on things I have been doing.

Tuesday March 3, I had my Gall Bladder out. Now for every one that has asked if I feel better.  I didn't feel bad.  In fact after I had it out I felt worse than before.   I had no pain just constipation and discolored tool and they took an ultrasound and found I was filled with gall stones.  Then they took a nuclear something or other and said that it wasn't working and probably hadn't been for awhile. So they said it should come out.  Well of course I asked So if it hasn't been working for awhile and I have no pain so it won't help how I feel why take it out?  Well I got a few answers but the surgeon gave me the best one.  With Gall Stones one may drop out and obstruct the main bile duct and then I would be in pain and could do a lot of damage so do it now before you have to do it as an emergency. So I scheduled it for the next Tuesday since I didn't have a lot of classes that week.  He also said that if I was motivated I wouldn't have to stay in the hospital overnight.  So I was very motivated. I hate hospitals.  My Husband took the afternoon off as it was scheduled for 1 PM.

I will tell you right now I am not a very good sick person.  I hate feeling helpless and I hate having folks help me.  I am independent and I like it that way.  So I knew my husband and family where for it big time. I got home so zoned out all I wanted to do was sleep.  I was home by about 4:30 so that wasn't to bad.  worse thing was I couldn't get out of bed by myself and I could not lay down. So I slept propped up sitting in bed.  I was supposed to drink a lot of water which I do anyway but since I didn't have any since 5 AM I was very thirsty and I had to get up and pee every hour.  So my husband had to come in and get me off the bed as I slowly walked into the bathroom and for the first 3 times he had to help me off the toilet.  I had something light to eat and we went to bed around 10 PM.  I had to have my pain pills every four hours so 7 and 11 were the magic times and when the alarm went off at 3,  I am sure my husband was laughing every time he set the alarm and made me get up to take the pills,  I could finally get my feet off the bed. So I was finally fairly mobile.
I made my husband to go work on Wednesday as long as I could get out of bed I was fine.  I did have him help me take a shower before he left.  I was fine and even got up for my own lunch.  I was suppose to walk around so every hour I would get up and make a few circles around the house.  I did get a few things done on my computer.  My major complaint was I could not sleep anyway but sitting up and I hated that.  I am a tummy sleeper and I was getting tired of sleeping sitting up.  So I was hoping I could sleep at least on my back.  But no I had my husband lay me down but I couldn't move at all to get comfortable so up I go again.  About 3 AM  my Husband gets up to go to the bathroom and by this time my back is killing me and all I want to do is lay down.  So I flop over from my pillows thinking I could scoot around and lay down.  Well I could not move an inch.  SO I had to yell at him not to sit on my when he came back in.  So another night sitting up.  I could get up on my own and walk around but could not move when on my back as it still hurt a lot.

Thursday I went to church and class, some friends of mine drove me as I couldn't drive yet.  I was up and around and Don brought me down to my studio so I could work on some of my upcoming classes. I was feeling pretty good other than not being able to sleep on my back or really my tummy.  Thursday night around midnight I finally had enough and threw the pillows off and was on my back.  Don had to get me up once but then I was fine. but still not my tummy.  I prepped for a workshop on Saturday and even got out to do a few errands. Saturday was fine and Sunday went to church and was home for a class.  I finally flipped over Sunday night and no pain a good nights sleep. Now two things I had to do.  Take a bath and go to the gym.  Monday was the gym. I walked 2.5 miles on the tread mill.  No weights or abs.  But I was back.  I had a class to do with a MOPS group and I had to have my friend Val go with me to haul everything in and out for me.  I am sure glad I have great friends.
Thursday cam and I had to have my post surgery visit and he thought I was doing fine.  So I tried getting into and out of my tube that night.  I am now fully recovered other than no weights or straining on the abs.

So what have I been doing during that time.
This was my Sunday Class.

My Monday MOPs class.
Then I prepped for my March Techniques class which was today.

So despite being down for a few days I did get a lot accomplished.

Happy Stamping

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