Monday, April 13, 2015

Grandma's Rocking Chair - April 12, 2015 - Have we grown up?

Well tonight at Grandma's Rocking Chair I want to move a little away from stamping and paper crafting to family.  I will get back to the stamping but want to tell a little story about today.

Today at church was first Eucharist for some of our students in Faith Formation.  The Director of Religious education and myself ( I am co-director) were at mass together and it reminded me when my youngest daughter and her son made their first communion together. That was when they were both in second grade and now they are in 9th grade.  Have they really grown up that much.

That is Meigan
 This is her class and boy in blue is my friends son.
This is my Friend and my daughter. Have we gotten that old.

This is Meigan and her dad at Easter. She has grown up.

I then talked to Kayla's fifth and sixth grade basketball coach, he wanted to know how she was doing and I told him she was in college and doing well and his daughter who was on the team is also in college so we compared notes, just yesterday they were playing basketball together.  Can it be that long.

Kayla playing basketball.

Kayla high school graduation.  She has grown up.

So when I get home I go through my old photos and I find the above photos some time it feels just like yesterday and that they can't be that old and yes here they are so grown up.

Then I figured I have an anniversary coming up on April 28th I will have been a Demonstrator with Stampin' Up! for 10 years.  I can't believe it.  So I wanted to see how much I have grown up. Well during that 10 years.  We moved from the DC area to Wyoming.  I retired from the Federal Government.  I have grown up.
Let's look at some of my first cards I have ever made.

My computer crashed a few years back and these are in the recovery folder so they are not to good  even the originals were not to good.  So I think even in my cards I have grown up.  
Here are a few of my recent ones.

So I guess if I can grow up, my girls can grow up.  But I sure don't think the time has gone that fast.

Happy Stamping

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