Sunday, November 29, 2015

Grandma's Rocking Chair - November 29, 2015 - Stars, Stars and More Stars

Lately I have been on a Star Kick.  It started with making the stars for my trees.

Then I learned how to make them in different sizes. So I made some of my craft fairs.

Then I saw a lot of photos on my Facebook page about the Northern Lights at home ( I come from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan).  This fall they have been really great and bright.  I know they are not stars but when I remember them I always remember a clear starry night and then the bright Northern Lights. I saw how to make a Starry Night Technique and made a Northern Lights card.

If you order from me during December you will receive this card from me.  Sure does remind me of my Northern Lights. I sure do miss home and being able to see the Northern Lights.

Then I remembered a card I made before, a Star Card and thought it would be great for my Monthly Free Project for December.  

This is it closed but then watch when you open it.

I really love this card and am so happy that I remembered it again. You can get the instructions for this great card if you order $50 or more from me in December.  

I have BINGO night coming up this week on Thursday.  So I give gifts away if you reserve and show up, if you bring a guest, if you order $30 of products from me, or if you schedule a party.  So I wanted to come up with a Christmas Ornament and thought of the Tree Stars.  I just got done making 30 of them.

So if you would like one for free and live in Cheyenne tell me you are coming to BINGO night and then head down at 5 PM to Triumph High School, stop at my booth and tell me  your name and you will receive a great gift.

So I have been in Star Land for a while.  Hope you have enjoyed it with me.

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Happy Stamping

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