Sunday, November 8, 2015

Grandma's Rocking Chair - November 8, 2015 - This and That

I have had no questions this week and I feel like just rambling on, it is just one of those nights.

I am tired and would love to get an 8 hour sleep but even when I go to bed early it seems like I only get 6 - 6 1/2 hours.   About 3 weeks ago I got a Fit Bit and it tracks my sleep.  I think I am getting at least 6 -7 hours a night but no the stupid Fit Bit says it is 4 - 5 sometimes maybe 6 and surely never 7 or 8. One day I even recorded a almost 2 hour nap and I just hit 6 hours.  I know that I should be getting 8 hours but when i go to bed early I get up early so it seems like a losing battle.  I do take power naps when I sit down and do nothing.  Like Friday night I came home from my Craft fair, we had dinner and then I sat down to talk to my husband for awhile because I had something I wanted to do and an hour later I woke up. Don said that I fell asleep in mid sentence. I had a ton of work to do so again I was up late and then out early back to the craft fair.  So I don't know if it was good to get a Fit Bit, if all I do is worry about not sleeping.

Now let's talk craft shows.  I had my third one this weekend.  Cheyenne is not a really big town we have about 60,000 in it, this weekend we had 7 craft fairs..  From Last weekend until the week before Christmas we will have between 7 - 10 craft fairs and that is not even the surrounding area. I think it is over kill.  Every year lately it has been creeping up.  Seems every organization says let's make money we will have a craft fair.  We will charge every for a space and make xx amount of money.  I try to only go to those that really care about the crafter, who advertise and help make our day easier.  But with seven in a day we don't get many people through the door.  I am really not in it to make money but I would love to pay for the table with what I sell.  I try to get people to come to my classes and get interested in stamping.  This last one I was in was 2 days and I sold $2 the first day and about $20 the second day.  I did get two people who said that they were interested in coming to class and I hope they do. I just wish that there were about 3 maybe 4 a weekend so we would have more traffic.

Another thing about craft fairs is I can never predict what is going to sell.  I made some beautiful Paper Trees and thought they would sell like hot cakes.

Well no they didn't, though my $1. candy Sticks sold in fact I sold out of them.
My Curvy Keepsake Santas that I sold out of almost every craft fair last year did not sell one of them.
Well next year I hopefully will guess better.

One other thing about Craft Fairs. People who come by and take photos saying that they are going to go home and make it for themselves.  I have folks that come and buy one thing and go home and copy it but I hate those that won't even buy one to take home and say " I'm just going to take a picture of this cute box"  You know they are going to copy it.

OK I am off my soap box for now.  It is getting late and I should be in bed for my 6 hours of sleep.

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