Sunday, September 11, 2016

Grandma's Rocking Chair - September 11, 2016 - Hard Date to write

I am sure most of you know where you were and exactly what you were ding 15 years ago today.

I was in Washington DC just a few blocks from the White House, just another working day for me.

I remember that there was a big meeting and a lot of the higher level Bureau Heads were there and I had to go tell them that the plane had hit the Pentagon.  They had already taken out the Bureau Director to a safe location.  Now what do we do.  Looking to friends for guidance, just hours before joking with them and now looking  to them for guidance, knowing they didn't know more than I did and having people looking to me for guidance.  Wondering if the Metro would be running and if not how to get home.  Planning with folks who would leave when and how to know they got home safely. Would the internet still be running.  How big was this, was this just the start.  Hugging friends and getting phone numbers.  Shocked look on folks faces.  Calling home to see if they had heard and telling them to get the kids and pack a bag just in case.  Going to the ATM for money just in case.

Getting on the Metro and everyone was talking to everyone, didn't matter who they were.  Holding the person's hand next to you because they have friends and relatives working in the Pentagon.  Not knowing if it would be safe walking home from the Metro but needing to gather yourself.  Coming home to your family and the TV.  TV was on all day, trying not to let the girls watch to much of it, would they even know what it meant.

Calling family and friends reassuring them you were OK.  Having them call you and saying they have been trying to get a hold of you and they were scared, were we OK?  Making plans what to do just in case.  With one vehicle, who would go, would they wait for me,  would they go and I stay.  Yes make sure the girls are OK.  How much cash to get to Grammis.  Would there be gas stations open. What would they take,  packing bags being prepared.  Talking to neighbors what are you going to do.  Calling co-workers making sure they got home, what are they going to do.

Finally the boss call we are going back to work in the morning, they have not beaten us, we will show them we are strong and will fight back from this.  Crying and praying.  Going to church, how could it not be open.

Getting up the next morning and heading to the Metro, we were all there ready to start another day.  Getting to work and seeing Machine gunners on the roof tops, tanks at the corners Military all around.  Knowing we could not walk around the White House for lunch again, not even being able to take the short cut to C street because we could not go there to close to the White House.  Trying to get back to normal but realizing there would never be a normal again. Knowing that I could not imagine a normal anymore that the planes would always be in the back of my mind.  Knowing that a few of my friends would be remembered every September 11 because of what we went through.  Yes every September 11 even though I may not think of them all year it is just like yesterday and I remember them, the hugs the tears, the looks the questions and the relief of that phone call they were home safe.

Every time I have to right this date it takes my breath away.

Happy Stamping

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