Sunday, November 6, 2016

Grandma's Rocking Chair - November 6, 2016 - Occasion and Sale-A-Bration Catalog

I know I have mentioned this a few times but wanted to make sure that everyone knew about this.

The New Occasion Catalog and Sale-A-Bration happen starting January,  you can order from it starting in January 4.

Wouldn't you want to get one of each of those catalogs delivered right to your house.  Better still would you like to get a free one delivered to your house?

Well I am changing up how I distribute my Occasion and Sale-A-Bration catalogs.  I used to just send the catalogs to anyone that ordered from me in the last 3 years but I noticed that some folks didn't use them so I was really not using my money wisely.  So I thought I would send it to people who really want the catalogs and would use them.

So for the Occasion and Sale-A-Bration Catalogs if you live in the US and you provide me with your mailing address and e-mail I will send you both catalogs and what is even better they will arrive in December so you can get your wish list all made up before January 4.

So how do you make it happen  E-mail me at marysstamping at  Click here and then comment on this post (I am not really sure that the e-mail link works as I have yet to get an e-mail when I put it up, and that will help me know you responded).  I would love it if you ordered from me once you got your catalog but I understand if you have another demonstrator that does not give out free catalogs.

Sorry but you do have to have a US address.

Happy Stamping

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