Sunday, January 22, 2017

Grandma's Rocking Chair - January 22, 2017 - This and That

Today is just a mixed bag of thoughts and life.

I usually don't like to go into the political realm but Yesterday I marched in the Women's March.  I think the last time I Marched for a cause was back in 1978 in college for course back then we marched for everything.

I didn't March because I don't accept Trump as President but in fact I do accept him and that is why I Marched.    We have to have a voice in this admin and I mean a voice that can be heard and I think Marching is just one way.  Someone asked why I marched and here is why

- I marched because I have an daughter who was born in China and I never want her to feel scared and wonder if because she was not born here if someone will want to send her back.
- I marched because I am a Native American and we welcomed everyone here, even when they slaughtered and butchered us. That is this country, we welcome all people.
- I marched because I have friends who are disabled or differently abled, I never want to see them being made fun of especially by our government and elected officials.
- I marched because I have friends that are LGBT and Jesus never turned them away or told them they were not worth anything and we can not either.
- I marched because I have relatives and Friends who need the Affordable Care Act because they can not get insurance anywhere else. They have pre-existing conditions, they can not work, they can not afford their medications, we need to help everyone.
- I marched because I am PRO LIFE, I believe in all life. I believe that if we really give women choices they will not choose abortion, but that means choice of affordable health care, choice of reasonable day care, choice of a living wage and jobs that they can do while still caring for their children, Choice of not being physically or emotionally abused, choice in homes they can live in without fear. I am PRO LIfe which means we should take care and respect everyone no matter their religion, color, where they were born, how much money they have, if they talk with an accent and even if they committed horrible crimes Their Lives matter.
- I marched because I am a woman, I am empathetic, I cry at silly things, and I love all.
Am I perfect? no, is it hard? yes but I do have God helping me if I let her.

I guess also this really hits home, as this week I turn 60 and I use to think that was really old.  My dad died when he was 48 and I thought he was old and now I am really going to be old.  I don't feel old I still feel like I am in college other than my knee and shoulder and feet surely don't feel like I am in college, but inside I still do.  I still yearn for those carefree days.  I tell my daughter all about what we did in college and try to tell her she will look back on it as the greatest experience she could have and really want to go back to it.  She still doesn't believe me.

I see myself as now having a limited time left.  Not that I am sad I have had a great life but I think I am realistic that it may not be longer.  So I want to do things.  I am going to Hawaii with or without my husband.  I want to go to Greece and my youngest and I will in a year and a half.  I want to visit the rest of the states I haven't been to.  I want to go back again to China. So there are things I know I have to do in the short time.  At least a lot shorter than when I had the wishes before.  

I realize that my girls are growing up Kayla is a Junior in College and Megs is a Junior in High School just a year and half more to have her in the house.  Have I enjoyed them as much as I could? Probably not so poor Megs is getting it with double barrels this year.  Movies, lunches etc and she has her first boyfriend so, he is coming over for dinners and game nights, things her sister never wanted to do with her boyfriend. So hopefully I will get a taste of the boyfriend thing more with Megs

Well  I said this would be a mixed bag.  I hope you all have a great week. continue stamping and enjoying your art.

Happy Stamping

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