Monday, January 30, 2017

Grandma's Rocking Chair - January 30, 2017 - Not really feeling old.

Saturday was my 60th Birthday.  People keep asking if I feel 60.  Sometimes I do especially in the morning but inside I still think I am 25.  I really don't feel like 60.  When I was young like in my 20s I thought 60 was really old and never thought I would be that old.  Now that I am that old I really don't think it is so old.  I still have tons of energy and have a lot of things I would like to do.  Though my knees hurt, my shoulder doesn't work right, and my back goes out, I do feel OK.

I have a ton of friends that showed up for my birthday party and that was really cool.  I have a great family that called all day long and my husband threw me a great party.

So I think I hit 60 pretty well.  I really don't feel that old.

Happy Stamping

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