Monday, July 24, 2017

Grandma's Rocking Chair - July 23, 20017 - Hospitals and crafting

For the last week I have been sitting in a hospital with my brother.  He had a to have his leg off due to diabetes and another autoimmune disease. It has been up and down or should I say in and out, mostly in and out of ICU.  I have a great support system with our cousins  I am staying with one at nights and they try to come and have some one there with us when they can.  The hospital is great and the staff is super. It is just hard to be there all day.  I have some stamped images I brought so that I can color and cut them out but it seems I just start and a Doctor comes in or my brother wakes up, or something.  I really miss my crafting as it is relaxing and calming for me, I just didn't know how much so until I was in this position.  So before I head to the hospital today I am taking an hour out for me and doing some coloring and cutting uninterrupted. I really hope it helps me.

Happy Stamping

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  1. Keep pressing forward. If you don't get but 5-10 minutes of time in each day to craft, it'll be okay. Your time with your brother at this moment is special.