Sunday, September 16, 2018

Stamp and Camp with Mary, well almost

Well the house had an offer and we are waiting. No don't have our trailer yet, in fact we are still discussing which one to get. I still want the vintage retro trailer, but it is what is called a stick and tin and we just saw what happens to them in a hail storm, not pretty.  We are looking a a blue mini winnie which would be a little color, and also a Jayco which would be a better inside fit for us but kind of bland on the outside. We will see hopefully soon.

So to start our spontaneity we decided to head to CA. We are a member of Coast to Coast Resorts for camping but they have HopALong vacations where you can rent condos. You have to be able to go pretty fast for the good deals. We were getting tired of cleaning and having to drive around while the house was being showed so on a whim we looked and low and behold they had a co do in Pal Springs for 399 for a week. Palm Springs is not far from Kayla do so we said let's go. Well not really that easy, it was not that Sunday but this Sunday it started which was better as I had a Drs appointment so we had at least a week of cleaning and driving. So we got packed putting some of the things Kayla left behind in the truck. We were going to leave early Saturday morning as it is a 2 day drive, yes Cheyenne is located right in the middle of both girls, headed to bed early on Friday. I bet you can figure out that something happened between then and when we were suppose to leave. Yup spontenetity  just didn't win out. We joking had said when we made the reservation that someone would make an offer and want to take possession in 2 weeks and we would be stuck not going. Well that is pretty close. At 10:03 PM our realator texted and said she had an offer and would email it to us. So we were up and looking at it. Not what we wanted but not a bad offer but we had to make a  punter offer the next day, yup the day we should have been on the road.  We thought there goes our trip,  we couldn't meet with our realator until mid afternoon, we told Kayla we weren't able to go and we were all sad.

We made our counter offer and gave them until Monday afternoon, we had open houses on both Sat and Sun, what to do. I tried to call both Coast to Coast  and the resort, but neither place that could give us a refund was open, but the resort said we could check in late if we wanted. Since the truck was packed and we literally had a week open we might as well head out. Went to bed early and told our realator not to text until Sunday morning when we were on the road. We left at 5:30. I have a FaceBook live event at 1:30 and will be doing that on the road. Thought you all might like to know about our pre adventure adventure.

Happy Stamping

UPDATE:House sold.

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