Thursday, October 25, 2018

Stamp & Camp with Mary - October 25, 2018 - Raton NM Down Day

Still in Raton New Mexico, thought we needed a down day to recoup from the closing and move.  So when we were planning we decided a few days here and a few other places.  Of course I forget conveniently that Raton is higher than Cheyenne and it is cold.  When we arrived yesterday it was raining and cold and we really didn't like the campground.  Puddles and mud everywhere, cold and not what I wanted on my first night on the road.  Well we woke up this morning and the sun was shinning and it was a little warmer. 

The campground looked a little better but not much.  I do love the owner, very friendly and helpful, great customer service.  So the campground is not that great but if you are passing through and need to stay a night I would hit it up. It is open all year around.  He said it may get colder but usually warms up to the 30 and 40s in January and snow doesn't stay very long if they do get a few inches.  The view is beautiful if it is not raining. Here are a few photos of the campground and the view.

So what did we do on the down day in Raton NM.

First off I need to schedule some of my posts for social media and  get my Happy Mail ready to mail. Which means I had to dig through my 3 bins in the truck so to tell you I found the cards well I will when we land in Amarillo tomorrow.  Don had a few things to do such as change the water pressure gauge and then help to rearrange a few items.  We also put together a shopping list of things we forgot or needed such as someone threw away my shower flip flops, batteries for a few LED puck lights, and a few other things.  To no luck, Raton does not have a Walmart or Kmart so we will be looking for one on our way tomorrow. 

After lunch we took a drive around the downtown and around town to see the housing and atmosphere of the area.  We then decided to head out to Capulin Volcano National Monument (When I worked for NPS it was Capulin Mt National Monument).  It is a very small area but so beautiful.  It is a relative young extinct volcano only about 50,000 years old.  I had a friend who was the Chief Ranger there, but this is the first time I visited it.  Was really impressed, so beautiful and from on top you can see for ever.  The parking lot at the top is over 7,700 feet. I would love to be up there on a clear night and just do some star watching.
My fear was as we were driving up the road to the top Don would be distracted and since there is no shoulder it is a long way down and nothing to stop your drop.  Here is a video I did of the trip up and on the top.

We got back to the campground and took a nap. Then for the second night we had a meal from King Soopers we picked up before we left.  They have everything you need to make it, instructions and they were great and for 2 people.  Tonight we had Honey Mustard Chicken with Wheat Berries, broccoli and red potatoes.  Now we have to think about what to eat when we arrive in Amarillo tomorrow.

I promise that in Amarillo I will be doing some stamping.  It has been to long not to get stamping.

So if you are in Amarillo area let em know we will be staying 2 nights at the Amarillo KOA.

Some Stamping news.  Two items that have sold out has been restocked so you can get them now.

Timeless Tidings Project Kit.  Make your own beautiful Christmas Cards with this kit. Order yours here.

Chicken Wire elements are back in stock.  I think this is one of the best accessories in the Holiday Catalog.  So much you can do with these.  Order yours here.

Have a great evening.

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