Friday, November 23, 2018

Stamp & Camp with Mary - Nov 23, 2018 - One Month Anniversary What have we learned.

So Don said that today was our 1 month anniversary.  Well we sold the house 1 month ago but we didn't start on the road until the 24th but I will give him this one.

So I just wanted to do a post on what we have learned so far.

1. Stamp - No matter how many times you go through what you want to bring you will not bring everything you need.  I forgot my Staz-on Cleaner.  Had to find a Michaels to get one.

2. Camp - Make sure that the bathroom door is closed when you sit down or you have the TP in hand before you sit down.  No matter how much you try to level the trailer when you sit down with the door even a little open it will open all the way and you will not be able to reach the TP.

3.  Stamp - When you are going to do a live event go over at least 3 or 4 times what you are doing so you have  all the supplies.  You will always forget something and it will be in the box in the back of the truck when you need it most.

4. Camp - When the ratings state 4 or 4.5 believe them. 

5.  Stamp - It is hard to maintain your monthly minimums as it seems not as many people want to buy from you. It is hard for you to buy the minimums because you can not send packages to yourself.  I hate begging folks to buy from me.

6. Camp - Be Careful of how much you buy as the space it limited and there is not extra spots to place the over bought items. 

7. Stamp - Be careful when you move some stuff inside the trailer your husband may notice and tell you to put it back out in the back of the truck.

So that is just a few things I learned so far.  A month in and Don and I are still talking to each other, our Rummy games are now 5 to 1 with 5 wins for me and he still wants to play.  We seem to be talking about more things rather than just the girls and it is fun to see so many new areas.

We are now settled down for 9 days in Bandera TX, Holiday Villages of Medina Lake.  I tell you this is one of the favorite campgrounds we have been in.  30 spots and we are not on top of anyone.  Was a little bit to get into but I bet we don't hear any highway traffic or trains or planes. 

Here is a photo of our neighbors.

So were have we been since we left Bee's Resort.

Short day first day and we went to KOA in Perry FL It was a nice KOA and we had a good time.  IT was close to the Gulf Coast so we took a drive to a couple of beaches.  Don had never been to the Gulf course so this was one off of his list.

We were interested in that it seemed that the Stilt houses went really far away from the coast so we knew it would get some really bad weather.  WE discovered that the following day.

Day 2 we headed to Alabama heading down I 10 and saw all the destruction from Michael.  I don't know how many time I said OMG look at that.  Here are just a few photos and since we were going down the road I don't know if you will see it as well as we did being there.

We spent the night in Robertsdale AL  At a Coast to Coast and it was nice and a great area to walk in. It was called Sticksriver RV Resort.  Was fun as they had a ton of things with it it was on a river, they had tours and float trips, a gun range it was fun.

Then next day we were heading to Louisiana and we got to see a few things along the water way including a battleship in Mobile AL
I tried to take a photo but the bridge got in the way.  We really want to come back to LA and do a swamp tour.  We saw a few advertisements as we traveled and figured we can go back to around New Orleans with a Coast to Coast resort for 2 weeks and see the area and take in some good food.  We spent the night at a KOA in Scotts LA the campground was nice but being on the busiest travel day it took us almost a half and hour to go from the exit of I 10 to the campground and you could see it. There was a traffic circle and they had 5 cops directing traffic there. I don't think the traffic circle was built for 2 I 10 exits and local traffic.  That evening we heard a a lot of Sirens and looked out and we could see one of the entrances to I 10 and they were all there for about 2 hours I hope everyone involved was all right. The traffic seemed to clear up when we Left on Thursday Thanksgiving.

We had to travel about 400 miles on Thursday as we could not get anything in the way of campgrounds until San Antonio.  Don did suggest staying in a Walmart parking lot but I said no as the next day was Black Friday and they started coming to Walmart the day before and we would not find parking or sleep.

We got into the KOA of San Antonio and it was very nice.  Mainly catered to families as there were a ton of things for kids, bikes and scooters to rent. Swimming Pool, a few playground etc.  Looked like they had put a lot of money into it recently and it was a perfect location.  There was even a bus you could take to downtown and the River Walk. 

This morning it was not more than an hour to our campground so we left late and found our way into this great campground.  We did call for directions and glad we did.  I love the area and we may look at a reasonable priced housing here.  Though I wouldn't mind spending some time here and touring the Hill Country I always loved it.
  Here are a few photos of the campground  I will write more about this one later.

It use to be an Exotic Hunting Ranch so we saw a few different things coming in.
 Not many people only 30 sites but I am OK with that.  Campground hosts are really nice.
 Huge open space across from our trailer.
 Bath House and Laundry.  Does cost $3 for a shower but I can shower in ours.
Hope you all have a great week.

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