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Stamp & Camp with Mary - November 19, 2018 - On the move, what we did in Florida.

Today we are leaving our home of 2 weeks the Bee's RV Resort.  It has been a good place and the area is great.  People are really friendly and there was a lot to do at the resort along with the area.  This area would be high on our list to return to.

WE got here on Monday the 5th of November the place we go for our camper had a concrete patio slab but was a tight fit and today as we pulled out we realized how tight it was. WE are still in one piece but it was tight and short on temper to pull out. So we are heading to the KOA in Perry right now.

Tuesday morning we got up and headed to find a body shop that could help us with our little Shreveport booboo to the truck.  Found a Cleiber not far from the campground and a long the way discovered a winery.  The Stampin' Up! On-Stage Convention was starting on Wednesday so Don dropped me off at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Orlando and I left him to take care of the repairs.  WE did have to extend the  time at the park to a full 2 weeks just to make sure that they could fix it in time.   No problem we picked it up the following Monday but we just didn't know as they said it might be a few extra days to get parts. He did have a rental truck so he went exploring while I went stamping.

  You can see my last blog post to see all fun I had at the convention and all the new stamping items I got.  I also have a live video or two on my Facebook group Mary's Stamping Happenings Group you can see all the new things coming out and also see the new cling stamps.

So Don dropped of the truck on Wednesday and just hung around the campground.  Then on Thursday he  went to the War Bird Air Museum and had a good time.  Then I got this very disturbing text on Friday.  I am glad I don't buy anything big unless you are with me.  All the time coming down from GA we were seeing advertisements for LoveOTOW the great 55+ Active Living Community.  Well since I had nothing better to do I googled it and discovered it was in Ocala FL not that far from where we were staying and it sounded interesting.  WE had never explored a 55 + Community before So On Top of The World sounded like a fun place.  We were going to see if we could visit it after the convention but Don had nothing to do so he said so he went up one day and fell in love.  Some of the places were in our price range around $160K to $240K and he loved that there was so much to do.  He only took a short tour but wanted me to head up for a longer one when I got back.  So I said why not.

Sunday Don picked me u and we went to Universal Studios for Harry Potter.  Expensive to do a 2 park one day pass fore each of us.  Don is not a very big Harry fan so I know he did it for me.  We had a great time, at least I did, and then had supper at Margueritaville, expensive, but fun day.

Monday was spent just taking naps and catching up on things I had to do at the trailer.  I thought Don would have rearranged everything in the trailer but he didn't do much.  WE did get to pick up the truck on Monday and had to drop off the rental but that was about the only thing we did.  Don did arrange that we would go see On Top of the World for Wednesday. 

Tuesday we went to the Lakeridge Winery and had a tour  it is the biggest winery in Florida.

 Of course we bought a couple of bottles for ourselves.  Not bad wine  more traditional rather than the small mom and pop ones, as Don said no cute names. I was hoping for a citrus wine and thought that would be good. I loved the Citrus beer the Moosehead Radler I had at Epcot and thought that a grapefruit or orange wine would be good but no fruity wines there. 

Went touring the area and discovered a few more RV resorts and 55+ Communities.  Had to do some shopping for groceries and just a laid back day  got some packages out in the mail.  Meigan is staying at school over Thanksgiving and the dinning halls are closed so we sent her a few things to tide her over.  Though they do have a Thanksgiving dinner for kids that stay and then one on Friday for left over I guess. 

Wednesday we went to On Top of the World and I do say I was impressed.  But would we really like to live in Florida.  I am still leaning toward Michigan only because of family but sure was a nice area.  They had about 4 neighborhoods  Each neighbor hood had a set of houses for that area, they each had a recreation area, fitness center and pool.  Then there was a a big Recreation Center with classrooms, there was an Life Long Learning Center, a huge and I mean huge fitness enter and  pools. They also had a place for Concerts and dance halls, a lot of places to eat and paths for golf carts, bikes and walking.  You could get a neighborhood which was attached to one of the 3 golf courses (we don't golf so not really interested in that one)  they have a solar powered neighborhood but I think you can outfit all their house with solar.  I was hoping the solar powered neighborhood was more innovative and that the roofing tiles incorporated solar but no just solar panels attached though they were all out fitted for collection and distribution. There were 10,000 people living there are they had about another 1000 houses to go but they were not going super fast so build out time was like 20 years. I loved the life long learning and all the classes you could attend, even say a class in stamping while I was looking around not Stampin' Up! but another company.  You could use the recreation center and classrooms for what you wanted if something was not scheduled.  This will be high on our list in the future.

We got back to the trailer and I searched for Tea Rooms and found one in Clermont and set up a serving for Saturday. Thursday was a stay at home day but we did have a few visitors to the site.

Well on Friday we decided to head to the 55+ community across the road  called Triology ( they have some in a lot of states).  Was a nice community, was really smaller and I thought a lot better in the community feeling.  The houses were more expensive and you could not really customize it as you would like they just had themes which was OK.  The houses were not as nice as the Top of the World but we cold manage.  The one thing was they did not have as many amenities as the other.  The big thing was no Life Long Learning.  I think we could live here I do like the area.

We did drive around and went down to Clermont and scoped out Erika's Tea Room.  Nice downtown and surrounded by lakes  I guess that is why it is called Lake County.

Saturday  we had a reservation for Noon for tea and it was a very nice tea room.  The staff very friendly and the food very good.  Though we still like RX Tea Time Scones better.  We also got to pick out our tea and the list was so large, we needed an hour to just do it justice.  They also gave choices of  Scones, Salad or Soup, and 4 different types of sandwiches.  The sandwiches were more like regular sandwiches rather than tea but they were very good.  Here are a few of the photos from there.

We walked around downtown and then to the lake and around a nice little historical village.  We really loved this downtown and the area.  So we went looking for places to live and shockingly found out it is very affordable for smaller homes.  We even found one on the Main downtown road just 3 block from downtown and 4 blocks from the Catholic Church.  It was not the best looking house and since it went from $250K to $140  we assumed there is some major structural problems.  We are leaving this on our we could live here list.

Sunday I got to attend church and felt so good and the sermon was what I really needed one of the last things the priest said - we should never fear the Lord and the end of time.  Huge church very beautiful.  I don't think there was another Catholic Church for about 20 miles so it was a large area.

Sunday Afternoon I had my Facebook Live Stamping event and then we had to get the camper ready to leave. 
Here are some of the photos from the campground.

 The Lake and Pagoda.
 The Main Office
 Just one of the Streets
 Another Street

This is on their Nature Trail.

I really liked the area and the campground was alright.

All in all the two weeks were great.  Stamping, Harry, Wine, Tea and possible place to stay.

Did you catch that  am doing a  new Video series Simple Stamping.  Check out here on the blog
 Or catch it here on You Tube.

Here is the first card.

We are now in Perry FL at another KOA I will up date you on Wednesday.

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