Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tips & Techniques Tuesday - March 12, 2019 - Ink Pour Technique

Today I want to teach you a new technique, I call it the Ink Pour Technique.  Have you the great Acrylic Pour Technique that is taking over the internet and crafters? 

This is where you semi layer paint and then pour it over a canvas.  I thought maybe we could do something like it with ink.  Well I tried and mainly what I got was a brown yuk. I kept trying.  I had done 1 pour and in the class we did a pour and then spun it on a lazy Suzanne, so I tried that.  Worked OK but left a hole in the middle of the card stock.  didn't cover like the above but still made a nice background.  So I tried it again on Glossy Card Stock and just dripped the ink and moved the card stock so it would swirl and move.  I think using something like a tooth pick or something similar that you could really do a full back ground.  Instead of mixing the ink you have to put it on 1 at a time and then make sure it is dried between ink.  I tried to let it dry on it's own and even after 48 hours it was not dry.  I blotted between each ink application and that gave me another piece of card stock to use for back ground. 

Here is what I got.  This is the Glossy Card Stock.

This is the blotted card stock.

The blotted one bleeds since it is not dry between application so you have different coloring look.

Would you all like to see the video?

  1. Drip your first color on the glossy card stock.  You can tip it to run it or use a toothpick to make photos.  TIP if your re inker is to thick add a little water.
  2. With the Whisper White Card Stock blot, the ink dry.  Make sure your colors are dry before you continue.
  3. Continue with other colors until you reach the design you like. 

On There's A Card Thursday I will show you a card made with this technique so don't miss it.

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