Friday, May 24, 2019

Stamp & Camp with Mary - Big Bend National Park Review - It is not the campground but the Park

Today I would like to talk to you about Big Bend National Park  I love the park it was the first National Park that I worked at I really loved it and I still do. 
When I met Don he said he never ever wanted to visit Texas so I did not think I would see this beautiful park again.  He changed his mind and we went for almost a week. 
We went when the government was shut down, wasn't planned we had reservations in advance.  We spent the time at RV Grand Village RV Campground the only campground in Big Bend that has full hookups.  It was a parking lot.  I know I have said others were parking lots but this one was.

I really love the Rio Grand Village Area with Boquillas Canyon, Hot Springs and so many other great hikes.
The sunsets were beautiful.

We paid a visit to Santa Elena Canyon and enjoyed our first hike in a while. Went up and Hiked Chisos Basin and saw some of the great animals in the area.  Had a few special hikes for me, Mule Ears, Lost Mine Hike, Boquillas and other places we did at least 2 hikes a day. 

The park has not changed much but when we went to Lajitas and Terlingua They sure have.  Of course it had been almost 40 years but they both have grown so much.

I liked not having so many people at Big Bend they were opening their campgrounds just as we were leaving. We will be back in fact Don and I are thinking of doing Volunteering in the park next winter. Only down side is that there is no internet and very little cell phone but oh well you can't get the views any other way I will be happy.

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