Sunday, June 30, 2019

Stamp & Camp with Mary June 30 2019 Weekly update

June 23, 2019 Sleepy Hollow

Today I went to Mass once more in St John’s I really like that little town.  Sort of embarrassing as I was walking up the steps I tripped on the top step and face planted right in front of the greeter.  Nothing wrong but a little embarrassing.

Meigan spent the night last night again and that was fun.  More S’mores last night.

Went into town to look at another Condo which was nice maybe had to have some work done as it was pretty worn out but not as bad as the other one.  Again a bit out of East Lansing. Came back to the campground walked around with Meigan again and just had some fun.  Don made Tacos for her and then we took her back to MSU.   As we were heading to her dorm on campus saw 2 older folks walking hand in hand down the sidewalks, could be Don and I in 10 years, of course it could be Don and I know as I guess we are old.

Got back to the campground and had an early bed time as Don wants to get an early start tomorrow.

June 24, 2019 Sleepy Hollow State Park

Today was Traverse City Day and visiting Campgrounds.

Went to the first one Holiday Park.  And asked about Seasonal camping and they said it was a wait of over 5 years, so didn’t put in our name.  Was a nice campground but not to wait that long.

Second one Timber Ridge Resort, was nice a typical Resort type campground close together, not bad for $3900 a year well 6 months. Big and a lot of kids to do and probably for us old folks also.  May think on that one.  They take names starting in August.

Third one Traverse Bay RV Resort, we did not think we would have any interest in, if you wanted to stay a night it was $95 and you could buy a pad for around $50,000 but thought we would take a look.  Well as Don said why do we like the expensive ones.  Beautiful site pads were beautiful, and the facilities were great.  We talked to a few folks and looked around we could see ourselves here.  They have options to rent it when you are not there.  It is only open From May 1 until November 1 and you have to take everything out  so no non working trailers are there. Beautiful they have different areas for As Cs and 5th wheels no TT.  Spent some time looking around and will have to go back a few are in out price range but that would mean we would be limited on house purchase.

Headed up to Leelanau and a visit to Julie my cousin.  That was fun, great to catch up with what is going on and super that if we did something in the area she would be close.
Headed out to our 4th Campground Wild Cherry.  Nice campground a few ponds but no trees they do have spots for next year but you have to be fully contained as there is no bathrooms or showers, they have tent spots so I don’t know how that works.  It was also $3900 a 6 month season. But I really need a place to poop as Don does not want us to poop in our tank.  WE could spend 10 years in a place like this rather than on buying a place for the same amount.

Headed around Suttons Bay which was nice and headed to Sleepy Hollow State Park.  IT rained for awhile.

June 25, 2019 Sleepy Hollow State Park.

Today was a Meigan day.  This will be the last day we can see her so told her we can do what ever she wants.  We went into her dorm a little after 10 Don had laundry to do and I needed to get my newsletter out and MSU has great internet.  I could upload 5 photos is a click with out any wait.  I was impressed.

Her choice for today was to head downtown Lansing and see what it was like.  It has been 40 years since I been there and figured it chained.  Got down there and the Michigan teachers were having a demonstration for more funding for education, that was interesting to see.  Walked around a bit and it is being gentrified a bit.  We ate at Traverse Pie Company the food was OK a little over priced, I do have to say the pie was horrible it tasted like last weeks pie in fact I had an upset stomach most of the rest of the day.  Won’t be heading back there again.

After our pie we headed down to the river.  They had a very nice river walk some art on the way very nice and calming.  You can even walk all the way to MSU  3.7 miles. Don and I think we could take the bus down there and walk back in about 2 hours.  Could even stop at Potter Park Zoon on the way back to MSU.  Went back to Meigan’s for a bit until she had to get ready for work.  We will miss her.

 I didn’t get any pictures as Meigan kept saying no don’t take my picture.  Next time I will have to sneak some.  

June 26, 2019 Sleepy Hollow Wednesday

Today was my creative day.  I had to finish some video editing and do some stamping.  First I had to procrastinate so Don and I went for a walk and found the State Park’s Cabins.   Boy they were nice and had a great view of the lake.

Then more procrastination and we went to Walmart to get ammonia to attempt once more to get rid of the cigarette smell (not successful).

I came back and got my videos edited and worked on a project or two then got ready to move.  Tomorrow we head to have sway bars put on the motorhome.

June 27, 2019 Sleepy Hollow State Park and Chicago NW KOA  Thursday

Well took the Motor home in and thought we would sit there all day but no way we were done before 11 AM. So what do we do now.  We had reservations at the Kalamazoo RV Resort but we couldn’t get in until 1 so we decided to head at least to around Chicago.  Made a reservation for Chicago Northwest KOA and off we went.  I drove the RV and we made the decision to use the tollway as it was the shortest way and quickest.  Well maybe not. If I ever suggest doing that again just shoot me.  Stop and go all the way. Someone put a hole in one of our storage compartments look like puncher wound maybe a stone or something.  I hated driving.  I stayed behind a truck knowing they took awhile to stop so I could.  But a few times I did have to test the Motor home brakes.  I really wished Don was with me as one of the cabinet doors flew open and things started raining out.  I thought someone hit me but I could not see anything in the mirrors and didn’t really know until one of our plastic bowls rolled to the front.  Got into the campground around 4 PM Don was a little behind as I lost him someplace on the tollway. But at least I didn’t lose my front end.  Saw one on the side of the road and a few blown tires and even a car on the side of the road.
Lost Don along the way so got into the campground in Marango IL  a KOA and who pulled up almost right after me, Don.

Nice campground typical KOA but they had a  great tent area, stuff for kids to do including a big mini golf and playground.

What we liked best was the great was the little Wild West area next door and the RockABilly CafĂ©.  On the weeke3nds they have free entertainment but since it was a Thursday we went for dinner and drinks.  They had great Margaritas and there salad and sandwiches were good the dinners were a little expensive so we didn’t try them.  I had the Popeye Salad and Don had a Brat.
Rained for awhile at night.  We don’t have to leave early which is good as they are calling for Rain in the morning.

June 28, 2019 KOA Chicago NW and Madison

Rained all morning and not just a little it was a gully washer.  Didn’t know if we were going to get out of the park.  Left about 11 AM and headed straight to the Madison KOA  got in about 1 PM  Kayla got off work early and thought we could pick her up as she was staying with us, but she had things to do so we picked her up around 4:30.  WE went for a Fish Fry it was fun not the best Fish Fry for their Perch but was nice to go out with her.  IT was hot all night long.  Don and I had taken a swim before we picked up Kayla that was really refreshing.  We played Rummy and Kayla really beat both of us.  Then a nice walk before we settled down.  It was hot and we slept with the door and windows open have to get a fan.  With no way to open the window in our bedroom not much air moves around. 

June 29, 2019 KOA Madison Saturday.

Got up and had a nice morning and then headed to go to the Cave of the Mounds by Blue Mounds State Park.  That was so much fun.and in the hot weather it was nice to be in a constant 50 degrees.

After that we went and bought a fan and some hamburger to have hamburgers.  It was really nice to have Kayla over for the night and then all day Saturday.  WE had Grilled Hamburgers and then Kayla wanted to go to the Shake the Lake but it was to late for us started at 5 to 10PM so we took her back and she went with Emily and Patrick.

As I texted her good night around 10:30 she said that there was shots fired at the Shake the Lake and they didn’t know what was going on but they were trying to get out of there.  I quickly googled and learned that shots were fired and all I could think of Las Vegas where they guy picked off the concert goers from the hotel.  One person was shot and one police officer was injured. They did not think it was a random act and the folks new each other.  Kayla texted that they were in the car and heading home.  She said they were all right.  But Mom was worried. 

Happy Stamping

Thursday, June 27, 2019

There's a Card Thursday - June 27, 2019 - Stampin' Up! Tin Tile and Grapefruit Grove Foil Card.

Today I am using some of the great foil from this years Sale-A-Bration.  Do you have paper that you don't want to us because it is so pretty or you don't want to use the last piece?  I find it hard to use my Designer Series Paper but I am trying, with limited space I have to start getting some down.  I have given myself a goal to use all the retired paper by the end of summer.  Of course then I still have ll those I bought from the new catalog.  I challenge you to use at least 1 piece of retired Designer Series Paper this week.  Let's see what you will do.

Here is what I made.  Now let's see what you can make.

Let's watch the video

Product List
Humming Along Cling Stamp Set
Humming Along Cling Stamp Set
Big Shot
Big Shot

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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Stamp & Camp with Mary - Weekly Update June 23, 2019

Sunday June 16, 2019 Wells State Park  Father’s Day

Went to church at 7:30 to Holy Spirit my family church.  Don went to wash the truck.  Met Joe Lauer there and went to breakfast to catch up with what is going on in his life.  We great to see him and be able to talk about Tom.

Headed back to the campsite.  Most everyone was pulling out when we came back.  IT rained a little but not much still a little cold and overcast.   I did my FB live and did a few other things for my Stampin’ Up! work.  Figured out that I could get all my crafting supplies in the trailer or under storage so I am happy.  That is a big a thing for me to have all my stuff have a place.

Then we had dinner and got ready for our traveling day tomorrow.  I called Aunt Marilyn to see if she was going to be home.  Meigan called and we talked over all the things she was doing.  She is so excited about Autralia  I am happy for her.

Monday June 17, 2019 Straits State Park.

Left JW Wells park and I drove the truck and Don took the RV.  On my way from Cedar River to Escanaba there were a about 12 -1 5 deer that I say crossing the road and in traffic.  For a 10 AM start that was a lot.  It was a beautiful sunny warm day.

I stopped to visit with Aunt Marilyn.  Spent about 3 hours and had lunch with her.  I do miss my family and she is so much like my ma that it is good to see her and just talk.

Stopped to get some Pasties before I got to the campground.  The campground sure looks different when it is not raining or freezing cold out. 

Don and I went to walk around downtown St Ignance and bought a bottle of Cherry Riesling wine from Traverse Bay Winery.  Also bought some Peanut Brittle like we need more candy but so good.  Came home and ate dinner then walked around the campground.  

They have a trail that you can walk to see the Mackinac Bridge and we went to to different locations was great to see.  Also when we were down at the straits viewing the bridge there was an insect hatch and that there were so many gnats it was like a cloud.

June 18, 2019 Straits State Park to Sleepy Hollow State Park.

Was a busy day moving.  Left is a drizzle but was very nice when we got to Sleepy Hollow State Park.  I really hate Don and I traveling separately as it just is not very fun.  After the bridge I drove the RV.  I hate driving over the Big Mac and with the RV  I just didn’t know if I could. 
Stopped in St. Johns for gas and still beat Don to the Park though he said he did stop for lunch and a few other times.  We go in about 1:00.
Meigan is working so won’t see her until tomorrow, we are taking her for brunch.  We also have to look at plane flights for her and contacts, she just has a list for us.  Can’t wait to see her.  We are also going to see some condos in the afternoon.

June 19, 2019 Sleepy Hollow State Park

So we were to Pick Meigan up between 9 and 10 got there about 950 and went to Panera for Brunch.  Then went and did some shopping with our Kohls cash. Raining for awhile but it cleared up when Meigan was suppose to start her tour.
Don and I went to Princess Thai for lunch and it rained the entire time but we were inside and then it was like magic as we were putting on our raincoats to step out it just stopped.  

We went and toured 2 Condos. One in Okemos and one downtown on Albert. The Okemos one I was a little concerned for the basement as you could tell it had been wet and I just don’t want the hassle about that again.  The Albert was a nice one and we got to talk to the selling agent, so got to find out a lot more  Still  don’t know what to do.  Don is leaving it up to me and I just really want to travel around some more but he really wants to find a place, I think if we find a place we will not be traveling anymore  and I love what we are doing.  Well we will see want to look at a few more places. 

After we went back to the campground as Meigan had an evening tour.

Rain started about 10 PM

June 20th, 2019

Rained all night long at least we didn’t float.  Going to pick Meigan up around 11:00 as she has a meeting with her supervisor now at 10:30   Finally stopped raining time we got into town. 

Picked Meigan Up from her meeting and went to Lunch went to Great Harvest Bread as Princess Thai was not open yet. Had good sandwiches except for Don, he said his was to watery and the bread didn’t withstand it.  I loved my BLT.

Went to Meigan’s and I used her internet to finish up my on-line party.  We have no bars for Verizon and not many  with ATT and not always reliable here.

Don did laundry and we sat and talked with Meigan.  She had another tour at night so we will pick her up for the weekend tomorrow.

Was a beautiful day at the campground sun out and very nice.

June 21, 2019 Sleepy Hollow

Happy First day of Summer and boy is it nice.  We are heading into East Lansing to see a few more Condos.  I am really leaning more toward On Top of the World and having a seasonal camp site in MI.  We are going to look up in Traverse city on Monday.

Say a really nicely priced fixer upper west Lansing  a little far from MSU.  Then we saw a really nice one just across the street from MSU on MAC.  Loved that one but a little bit beyond our price point.  Though we could do so much being just across the street from MSU.

Picked up Meigan and had MSU Dairy store ice cream.  Love their ice cream.  Both Don and Meigan got a shower in before we headed back to camp.  IT was a beautiful day and evening no rain and everything drying out.  Made S’mores and tried out my grubstick. Really glad I didn’t buy it and won it.  I would have been really disappointed if I had spent that much money on it.  The Marshmallows fell off the fork and if I used the basket burned the crackers then.  The cheapy $1.89 worked better. We will try hot dogs but don’t think this one is a go for us.

Had a great time sitting around and talking most of the night.  It was the longest day all year and that was great.

June 22, 2019 Sleepy Hollow State Park.

Great day.  Meigan and I started it out with a walk to the lake and it was super.  Then we went into town and looked at more condos. Don really wants something.  These were nice but again a ways out of the area.

I am working on my Stamp & Camp with Mary stuff and blogs and reviews etc but still nice we will have another fire out today.

 Hope you all hada  great week.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

There's A Card Thursday - June 20, 2019 - Stampin' Up! Tea Together Gold Foiled Edged Card

So today I want to take you back to a set that was here for SAB and I really love it and it is in the new Catalog.

As many of you know I love tea.  I mean I love tea.  I have a shoe box full and have to get more every time we see a tea store.  Don just says go ahead as long as I drink some I can get some.  I try to get a small amount so I can have a large amount of different types, right now I have about 13 different kinds of tea.

So when we have tea stamp sets you know I get those.   I had to have the Tea Togetherness and then in Sale-A-Bration they had the dies to cut that tea pot and cup  well that was it, my first Sale-A-Bration item.

So many great things you can do with these items. This is just one of many cards I have made with them.

I love this card because you can just see it pouring tea.  Being in the trailer I don't have a lot of accessories but if I did I would fray some of the copper trim and attach it to the back of the spout on the tea pot to make it look like tea is being poured out of the pot.

Let's watch how to make this great card.

Product List
Tea Room Specialty Designer Series Paper
Tea Room Specialty Designer Series Paper
Big Shot
Big Shot

So fun to use this great set for cards.  You can purchase the items by clicking on the photos above or click here.  

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