Friday, March 22, 2013

Swimming and the Prom Dress the Story of Today

Meigan had another swim meet today.  She was in the 100 and 50 meter free style and the Freestyle relay.  She did well in the 50 and took over 3 seconds off her time.  She also swam the first time for the 100 meter and boy you could see she was tired but she kept right on doing it and came in at 1:40.
Here Meigan is getting ready to go on the 100 Meter Free style.
And there she goes.  Got a great start.

Here she is in the First turn

Even though she is tired she is still going strong.  I love how she never quits.
Then Kayla hasn't been feeling well lately and has just started feeling better.  She went to the meet with us and enjoyed herself.  When we came home she tried on her Prom Dress and I really wanted to cry she was so beautiful.

 I am really proud of both of my girls today.

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