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Hi, my name is Mary from Mary's Stamping Happenings.  I am an Independent Demonstrator for Stampin' Up!.  I have been with them for almost 12 years. I have been stamping for about 12 years.  I love to stamp and teach.

I am married to a great guy for 28 years. We have two daughters.  The oldest one is at Michigan State University (GO GREEN), my Alma Mater. She is studying to be a Mechanical Engineer.  Our youngest is a Junior in High School and is in the International Baccalaureate Program.

I retired from the Federal Government about 4 years ago and have been doing Stampin' Up! full time since then.  Have lived a lot of place while working for the Feds. I am originally from Michigan actually I am a Yooper from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I went to Michigan State University and got my B.S. then moved for a bit to Virginia, then back home for a bit, then Texas - 3 different places.  California was next where I met my husband a native.  Then moved to Wisconsin, next came Colorado and then Washington DC and finally Cheyenne WY.  Once Megs is out of school we will probably move again, I would like to go back to family in Michigan but we would both like to go some place with less cold and wind.

So how did I get into stamping.  Well my husband said I was a craft a year person.  I did a craft a year making things for my family for Christmas and Birthdays.  One year it was basket weaving, then ceramics, potter, crocheting, dream catchers, etc.  One day when we lived in MD my next door neighbor invited me to a Stampin' Up! party.  Well I had been making my own cards on the computer for a few years and had tried stamping but wasn't good at all those halos. I went and had a great time and learned how to stamp and not get those halos.  So I bought a ton of stuff - as Don said my next craft for the year.

I do have to tell you a story about my first purchase.  I bought a family of ink pads among stamp sets cardstock etc, I wanted to get started right away when they arrived. Now my next door neighbor was a big stamper and very good at it and I was just beginning and was a little intimidated by her and her talent.  So my supplies arrived and I wanted to create something so bad, but I could not get the ink pads open.  I tried pulling them pushing them even tried twisting them  nothing.  Now I really didn't want to embarrass myself and go ask for help, not me I can do it.  Well after 3 days  I finally went over and asked her if she could show me how to open the pads, She did it in nothing flat and I tried one and got it no problem -finally.  Well I was back in an hour asking for help in closing them.  Dee then made me open and close them a few times so I got the hang of them.  So I always make sure that my new stampers know how to open and close our pads before they go.

My husband was excited because I spent a lot of money on birthday cards for all the folks I worked with and this he thought would cut down on the cost - boy was he wrong.  I loved to stamp though and really enjoyed it and learned that I could do something different every year without having to buy all new supplies. So there went my craft a year and I have been a paper crafter ever since.

I hold 1 - 3 classes a week, some of my popular ones are my Every other month Christmas Card Class, my Stamp a Stack and my 3 D project classes.  I also have my classes available on line so you can purchase any of my classes.

I have about 8 demonstrators on my team, and would love to have that grow also.

In 12 Years I have come along way in my stamping and paper crafting.  I hope I create beautiful projects.  I love making cards but I think my favorite thing is making boxes and 3 D items.

Do you have any questions ask away.

Let me know how you got involved in paper crafting and what you love to do.

Happy Stamping

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