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Grandma's Rocking Chair - September 1 -review Talking Tags

Review of Talking Tags:
Today I am starting my every other week review of Stamping Tools or Stamping Sets.  My daughter suggested this and I agree it is a good idea.  The first one will be my review on Talking Tags. Talking Tags are located on page 162 on the Stampin' Up! annual Catalog.
Talking Tag Message Labels

Talking Tags are $7.95 for 1 sheet of 10 tags item # 129723.

I think these are really over looked by folks, I love them.  They work on your Smart phone,  you do have to down load an app either on your I Phone or Android.  What it is is you can record up to a 1 minute message and then you can send it to someone and they can listen to it - as long as they have a Smart Phone also.

Here is what Stampin' Up! has to say about them.
Features & Benefits
 Voice message labels you can attach to cards, scrapbook pages invitations
 1 sheet of 10 tags
 Each tag can hold 60 seconds of recording
 Smartphone with free Talking Tag app required to record or play the message
 Scan the code with your smartphone to record or play
 Instructions included
Instructions are included for recording, and instructions for playing are on the tag itself. You and the
recipient must have a smartphone with the Talking Tag app installed to use Talking Tags. The Talking Tag
app is available from, iTunes, or Google Play.
You can listen to the message before you save it and rerecord it if you want.
Messages are saved for about two years.

I use these a lot.  Not all the time on my cards.  here are some of the ways I have used them.
1. I put them on my catalogs that I give out to people.  I record a message about who I am and how to get a hold of me.  Also what I really like about the catalog.  Amazing what you can say in under 1 minute.

2. I pass on books that I have bought after I have read them.  I record a message in the book about why I liked it and hope the person I gave it to  likes it also.

3. I recorded a Birthday message to my daughter and put it on an index card and put it in here school lunch.  OK so she didn't like my singing, but it was the thought that counted.

4. This one I only did once but it worked.  I am very forgetful about taking my list to the grocery store so one time I recorded what I needed and stuck it on my  hand.  I actually got everything I was supposed to.

Yes you can record a special message and put it in a card, or put one in a scrapbook with the events recorded.  But those are things you would already have done with it, I wanted to use it for other things.

It is very fun and the only complaint I would have is it starts recording right away.  Some times I am not prepared and I have a few seconds of dead air.  But you can re-record all day long but once you accept it, it is permanent.You can even record the same message on all 10 of them if you want.  I hope that they don't discontinue them and I really like them.  Buy a package and try them, tell me what you do with yours.
Click here to order yours today.   Item Number 129723

If there is any product you would like me to review please leave a comment.
Happy Stamping

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