Monday, November 24, 2014

On-Line Extravaganza and Recruiting Special you can't miss out on.

I can't believe everything that is on sale this week. Only available Nov 24 through Dec 2.  Two Days of Doorbuster Deals today november 24 and Monday December 1.  I think the best is the Magnetic Platform on sale for 40% off only $23.97
Here are just a few things that are on sale.

There is also a lot of the 3/4 Chevron Ribbon and the 5/8" Satin Ribbon.  Washi Tape and the In Color Markers.

Click here to see them all and begin your shopping.

Do you want to get even more for your money?

Just think getting $125 worth of Stampin' Up! items for only $75.  You can even customize your starter kit with items from On-Line Extravaganza.  Even Better you get 5% back for everything you or your customers purchase in December.  Here are the details.

From November 24 until December 2 join my team for just $75 and you can then pick out $125 worth of great Stampin' Up! products. 

Even Better You can choose from the Sale Items for the On-Line Extravaganza.  So you even can get more goodies.

Can it get even better?  Yes it can. If you join during that week any sales you have (even when you buy it yourself) in December you will get 5% back on your commission in January.

Have I convinced you yet to join?  If not, think of these reasons also.
1. Your first order over $150 in your first 45 days you get 30% off, if you do that order in December that is like 35% off with the 5% back.
2.  You can pre-order starting December 5 from the BRAND NEW Occasions catalog - before any of your friends do. Wouldn't you love to have all that new stuff before anyone else?

Let's do some Demo Math.
1. For $75 you get $125 worth of Products - any products from Stampin' Up!.  That Big Shot it's yours and with the rest and the on-Line Extravaganza you can order that Magnetic Platform or 5 embossing folders, or what ever you want.
2. Come December 5 you hold yourself back and just order $150 worth of products from the New Occasion Catalog.  If this is your first order over $150 you will get 45 off that order - it is call instant income because it comes right off.
3. January 10 comes around and you get your monthly commission you get  at lest $7.50 if you didn't order/sell anything else during December.

So for just $172.50 (Need to include shipping on everything but your Starter kit which is free shipping and your tax. I did not include those in my math). You get $275 worth of Stampin' Up! products.

Sign up on now and before Dec 2 to take advantage of this great deal.

If you have questions please e-mail me at marysstamping at or click here.

Take advantage of all these great offers.

Happy Stamping

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