Sunday, January 10, 2016

Grandma's Rocking Chair - January 10, 2015 - Day without crafting

Today was a day I was going to catch up on my crafting.  I have two classes I have to prepare for so I was going to spend it in my craft room, but the Lord and family had other things for me.  Kayla was scheduled to go back to school today.  Don took her down to Denver to catch a plane at 9:45 AM, Meigan and I went to church and Faith Formation and then I get a text.  Ma the plane is going to be an hour late snow in Detroit and then Ma the flight is canceled. From Don I get I got home and Kayla called her flight is cancelled and she is standing in line but may not get out until tomorrow should I get a room at the airport. Yes, let's see what the airlines come up with.

A few text later I get a call from Kayla, she is shouting and yelling but said that she is standing in line with 150 people and will never know what to do.  She then said she called the airline and got a flight for tomorrow and come pick her up.  I asked if she asked about her luggage or if they had other flights.  So I get home and start to pack and then she calls and said that she is on standby for Grand Rapids and that there are a bunch of MSU kids on it so find out how to get from Grand Rapids to East Lansing, so away I work and found a bus.  Then she said she didn't get on so come and get her. 10 minutes later she said she is going to Las Vegas and then to Detroit.  She didn't know when she would get in but can I find out if the Michigan Flyer has a late bus.  So again I go and find out she gets in at midnight and the last flyer is at 10:15 PM and the first one is at 6:00 AM so a night in Detroit Metro Airport.  Being under 25 to rent a car would cost almost as much as the plane flight.  But at least she would be home in time for most of her classes.

15 minutes later she calls and said just come and get her.  They hadn't changed her flight on Monday and she was scared to stay in the Airport by herself so she was going on Monday.  Glad I hadn't cancelled the hotel room.  So off to Denver Airport I go.  Don has to work in the morning, so my job.  I really am so proud of her she handled it better than I would at that age.

I got down picked her up and she was hungry so we checked into the hotel and then went to eat.  Got to Outback and got to watch most of the Packer game, at lest the good part.  Kayla and I had a good time and now we are watching Downton Abbey.

I didn't get my classes prepared but I had a great day with a wonderful daughter who I am so proud of.

I hope your crafting day was as good as my day without crating.

Happy Stamping

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