Sunday, May 14, 2017

Grandma's Rocking Chair - May 14, 2017 - Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day in the US and I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish all Mother's a Happy Mother's Day.  I had a special week and Mother's Day.  Kayla my oldest was home for the week and that was nice.  She takes off early Monday morning to drive back to school in Michigan, that will be hard on my as she has never driven cross country by herself before.  We had a nice time while she was here.  Her sister had a lot going on so we did spend time going to Meigan's events.  Such as last Saturday Meigan  was in the Pit Orchestra of Into the Woods so we went there and then on Monday Meigan had her School Orchestra concert and then on Friday Meigan had her dance recital so for a change Kayla had to go to Meigan's stuff instead of us always hauling Meigan to Kayla stuff.  We did a few other things.  Meigan Kayla and I went to Tea Saturday and today we went to Beauty and the Beast.  She take off in the morning and I will miss her.

I also miss my mother on this day but I know she is looking after me and the girls.  So happy Mother's Day Mom.

So to all Mothers Happy Mother's Day.

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Happy Stamping

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