Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Stamp & Camp with Mary - October 24 - On the Road Day 1

Hello from Raton New Mexico. 

We closed on our house yesterday with a few hiccups but finally got our check and then had a few problems putting it in our trust.  Set up our camper with a friend and had a nice dinner and good times with friends. 

Got up this morning and getting everything ready to head out and Don noticed that one tire was low and then noticed a nail in it.  So he took it in to get it fixed so we were about an hour late getting going. 

Headed south on I25.  Only a few slow downs through Denver which was good.  I can tell you being only able to go about 60 MPH is not the greatest.  We can't switch lanes very fast and everyone wants to go around us so some of the folks coming on the highway seemed like the didn't see us and a few times I thought they would take out the trailer, but we did get through without a mishap. Got down close to Colorado Springs and ran into some rain.  Rained the way into Raton.  We are staying at the Raton KOA.  No a very big KOA and since it has been raining for a day or so it was all muddy.  I would say maybe a 5 out of 10.  The owner is great and called us to make sure we had 2 reservations and put us in a site we could stay in.  When we signed in he was very helpful and gave us some very good advice.

Don got all set up and we got the water hooked up,  the first time so now we can really use the bathroom.  Made dinner and had hot water to do the dishes.  We are now watching the World Series.  Meigan called and that was nice talking to her.

I wanted to show you the trailer we now call home so here is a video tour.

I have yet to get out any stamping items but hope to do it tomorrow as I have  a few cards I need to make for the Stamp A Month Club Class.  We will see how this will be.  We are also looking at going to Capulin Volcano National Monument.So we will see.  Taking the long way to Florida and going to Amarillo the next stop. 

I do have to say so far I am really disappointed in CO rest areas.  They had a rest area in Fort Collins and then nothing else until Mile Marker 111 over 140 miles between the two rest areas and then even though I love the environmentally friendly toilets please give us water to wash our hands.

We still are organizing everything and realize we have a few things to get tomorrow.  The first day is about over and I have to say we survived. 

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