Saturday, July 20, 2019

Stamp & Camp with Mary Update July 20, 2019

I forgot to provide an update last week so I will do it now for 2 weeks.  A lot has been happening so don't miss it.

July 7, 2019 Sunday Rushmore Shadows

Went to Mass at the Blessed Sacrament in Rapid City a nice church 70s 80s church in the round.  Fairly big.  Everyone seemed friendly though a lady in front of me brought her service dog which was strange, though the dog was good no barking but licked the fingers of the lady next to me, scared her a good one, I would have screamed.

Then Don and I went to breakfast at Perkins.  Got in a little after 10 and even though we got seated right away it was nearly 1145 before we left  took forever to get our meal and all I got was a muffin and potatoes it had to be Don’s eggs that took so long. 

We then went to the South Dakota Air & Space Museum that was really cool  I loved it.

I was little late getting back for my FB live event but only 30 minutes and it went great I had far more people than normal and don’t know if it was because of the time change or if I sent out a chat inviting everyone.

No Rain today, strange.

July 8, 2019 Rushmore Shadows Monday.

Today had to be the best day so far at Rushmore Shadows.  We booked a ride on the Steam Locomotive on the 1880 train ride.  Was so beautiful and cool.  It went from Hill City to  Keystone, round trip well spent $29 per person.  Took about 2.5 hours and went through some great country.  Was funny on our way back we noticed a lady at almost every road crossing standing outside her car and waving.  I think she went the entire route.  Was neat to see.

It was a super train trip.   I loved it. Don was equally impressed.  So much history and the train was beautiful.

After the train trip we went and picked up our new sign.

July 9, 2019 Travel to A B Campground Cheyenne WY

Today was a move day.  Started out at Rushmore Shadows and then away we went back to Cheyenne We are headed back for Drs visits etc. Don took the truck and I poked along.  He wanted to drop everything off at the storage shed so we could clean the truck so we could trade it in.  Don likes to keep it really nice and it looked really grungy.  We met back at AB Camping and had a great camp site one of the few with shade.  Don wanted to go clean the truck but I suggested we at least stop at the Jeep dealer first.   WE went and they had a bunch of Wranglers one of the used ones were 31K and a new one 30K and more.  So they were out of my price range.  We then went and drove around a few other car dealers.  NO we did not get the truck washed before and Don really was antsy about it.  Anyway we saw about 4 or five as we drove by.  One place Halliday Motors had 2 sitting out front in their used car lot.  We turned around and decided to stop and look.  When we got out we saw they actually had 4 Wranglers and one was a really cute blue 2 door.  I had to look at that one first the other 3 were black and silver gray.  The Blue one was right in our price range 21K and only 50K miles.  The others were $28 and $27 with more miles.  So we took little Boy Blue on a test drive.  Yes we traded our dirty truck in for a 2011 2 door jeep.

While we were coming in to Cheyenne we got a message from out realtor she had visited the Condo and sent us photos and videos so we decided to low ball an offer.  They were asking 218k and said that we would go for 207,900.  We thought it was to low but we really didn’t think they would take it.  She sent in the offer at 655 PM. I told God I would leave it in his hands. 

Went out to eat at Bella Fucco our pizza place which we really like, in our new to us Jeep.

Busy day bought a jeep traded in our truck which we loved and made an offer on a condo in East Lansing, 

July 10, 2019 Wednesday AB Camping Cheyenne WY.

Dr day.  Since we didn’t have to look for a vehicle in Fort Collins it was a laid back day.  I have been having some problems with my left forearm and have been messaging my Dr so we are trying different things.  I thought it might be the start of Shingle or even Lyme Disease we will see.  Don had a great check up and we ate lunch at Jason’s Deli. 

But the big news started before Don and I got up.  I had a text from our Real Estate person and they accepted the offer.  We had a few things we wanted like what is in the reserve account and did they do a Reserve Study.  We will wait and see.  Don and I sat there with our mouth open and could not believe it.  Offer went in at 655 PM and it was accepted by 550 AM the next morning.  So today we are just moving in shock.

Came back from Fort Collins and really didn’t have much to do.  We bought a bike rack so we could take our bikes with us and I am happy for that. 

Had dinner at Barry and Nancy’s which was fun.  Great to catch up with them. 
Not much else to do since we have our new vehicle so sat around for awhile and took a walk before the Thunder Storm.

July 11, 2019 Thursday AB Camping Cheyenne WY
This morning we met the Gym gang and had a great time catching up.

Went to Mass and talked with Father Carl for a while.  Was nice seeing all the great people this trip. I sure do miss St. Joseph’s Church and all the love I feel there when ever I go back.  Feels like home.

Went shopping, picked up mail and got our bike rack installed.  I am sure we did other things but I realy can’t remember we are still dealing with the shock of the Condo.

Tomorrow we go up to Winter Park with Betsy and Warren, I can’t wait.

July 12, 2019 Friday AB Camping and Winter Park

Had a nice lazy morning  didn’t do much.  Brought the Motor Home, we now call her Patty, to our friends house to stay the weekend..  We then did a few errands and went out for lunch.  Lunch was at one of our favorite restaurants but sure was bad.

Picked up Betsy our friend and headed up to their house in Winter Park.  Got up there around 7:30 PM  Warren had pizza and wine and we sat around most of the evening talking and laughing. 

The drive up was beautiful we went through Walden and saw some great area.  Great day and evening with frineds.

July 13, 2019 Saturday Winter Park

Such a beautiful day.  Went hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park to Adams Falls.  Nice falls but so many people, you couldn’t hardly walk the trail.  It was well worth it to spend some time with friends.

Spent the afternoon walking around Grand Lake CO  which again was fun with friends.  I had a great time.

Went back to the house walked around the neighborhood and looked at some great places.  Then had great ribs and talked all night long.

July 14, 2019 Sunday Winter Park/AB Camping Cheyenne.

Got back to Cheyenne.  Was a great drive back.

Picked up Patty and Don decided to do Laundry before we could go back into the park.  I went and visited my great friend Amber and we caught up for about an hour.
Got the same spot we had in the campground and it was great being in the shade.

Went for a walk and picked up my Stampin’ Up! order from Kathy one of my friends and down lines.

July 15, 2019 Monday Ab Camping

Don and I had coffee with a good friend and have some baby time with her grandson.  Such a great time catching up and playing with a 4 month old.

Went to the storage unit and got our bikes and Meigan’s suitcase for her trip to Australia.

Well today was my Drs.  With my arm not getting better my Dr ordered some test for Lyme Disease  and then after that I had to get another Mammogram for both breast.  Besides the Mammogram I also had to have an Ultrasound which turned out that I had a cyst ( which I knew) and my other two areas had not changed since last time.

After that I met another good friend at Starbucks.and we caught up on everything happening. 

This trip was a really friends catch up.  I love my friends and will miss them all, but with the internet we will always be in touch. Heading back to Rushmore Shadows tomorrow for a few days.

July 16, Tuesday Rushmore Shadows.

Took off early and headed up to Rushmore Shadows in Rapid City.  I drove Patty and Don had Blue Boy.  WE are not ding much this time here as we want to save some money.  So we had a quiet day walking around and I did some work.

July 17, Wednesday Rushmore Shadow.
Went to Camping World and bought a few things to clean Patty.  I bought a stick on map which will be fun to track our moves.  Went to the grocery store and then just back to the campground.  Where I worked designing all day.

This is really a calm week here.

July 18th Thursday Rushmore Shadows

Don washed Patty and had to run and get items from Walmart and Camping World while I stayed and did some work.  Heading out tomorrow to head back to Michigan.

July 19 Friday  KOA Mithcell SD

Left Rushmore Shadows. Traveled across South Dakota on I 90 and ended up in the Mitchell SD KOA.  Nice here but hot 95 when we got here.  They had a nice pool and we spent time there until the masses got here. Was a full house so just spent some time in the camper with the AC going.

July 20, 2019 KOA Mitchell SD/ KOA Albert Lea MN
Woke up about 6:30 AM to a huge wind storm, stronger than Wyoming.  I mean it blew, glad that they told us where the Tornado Shelter was.  We didn’t need it but I bet some of the tenters made it to it.  The 3 tents were down and the pop up next to us was half up and half down. Then the rain came and came and came.  It was really scary and we were broad side and the wind was hitting us on the side.  Tree branches were coming down all around, I don’t think anyone got hurt or any of the trailers damaged  but it was a wild ride.

After watching the weather radar we took off after it seemed that the worse of the storms have past. We took off to the East on I90.  We waited about 30 minutes but after driving for less than 30 minutes we ran into the back end of the storm again.  Stopped for awhile and then took off again.  Stopped about 20 miles further and stayed for about an hour.  Took a nap and just waited.  Was not a great time to drive with all the wind both Patty and Boy Blue had a time staying on the road.

Finally got to the KOA in Albert Lea MN.  Looked like the storm hit just before we got her.  They also had branches down puddles of water.  At least the temps are a little cooler.  This is a nice campground.  They had Sundays for a dollar and a movie.  We took a walk around the campground and found out that there is a railroad track not far away.  We are right at home. 

Heading to Madison again in the morning.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Stamp & Camp with Mary #simplestamping - July 17, 2019 - #simplestamping Perennial Essence Card

Today is a great #simpestamping day.  I love the new Designer Series Paper in the Annual Catalog and this card uses that as a #simplestamping Card.

The Perennial Essence Designer Series Paper is one of the prettiest papers I have seen.

Check out all the paper in this great pack.  Right here.

I love simple cards, do you?

Let's see an easy card, and I mean easy.

Product List

Supplies: Stamp Set - Daisy Lane [149325]; Ink - Tuxedo Black Memento [132708]; Card Stock - Balmy Blue 8 ½ x 5 1/2 [146982]; Designer Series Paper - Perennial Essence Designer Series Paper 5 ¼ x 4 [149100]; Accessories - Snail Adhesive [104332].

  1. Cut a sheet of Designer Series Paper into 4 inch strips and then cut the strips at 5 ¼ you should have 6 from full page of Designer Series Paper.
  2. Attach the Designer Series Paper to the Balmy Blue Card Base.
  3. With Memento Black Stamp the saying on the front of the card.

NOTE: You can Step up this card by a few simple steps.  Spray the Designer Series Paper with Glimmer Paint and Alcohol.  Use Wink of Stella and brush the Designer Series Paper.  Add a bow or some jewels.  Make it your own.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Stamp & Camp with Mary - July 10th, 2019 - #simplestamping Noble Peacock Card

I was challenged to do a #simplestamping card with some of our new Designer Series Paper.  I love the Noble Peacock Specialty Designer Series and I had a thought that this Paper is so thick it could be a card base itself.

I love that colors are so vibrant and it has the shiny foil that just jumps off the paper.

So what is simpler than just use that Designer Paper for a card.

This card is so beautiful with such beautiful paper. I did do some stamping on the inside.

Let's take a look at how to do this #simplestamping Card.

Product List

Supplies: Stamp Set - Royal Peacock [149464]; Ink - Pretty Peacock [150083], Blueberry Bushel [147138], 2019-2021 In Color Stampin' Write Markers [150079]; Designer Series Paper - Noble Peacock Specialty Designer Series Paper 4 x 11 [149493].

  • Fold the Noble Peacock in half.
  • With Pretty Peacock on the inside stamp the sentiment
  • With Blueberry Bushel on the inside stamp the 3 flowers in all corners.
  • With the Stampin’ Write Markers Color in the flowers.

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Monday, July 8, 2019

Stamp & Camp with Mary Update July 8, 2019

June 30, 2019 KOA Madison and Jackson MN

Well set off early this morning it is a travel day.  I had the truck and Don had the RV.  Was a pretty easy drive all on I 90  we did run into a little wind well for awhile a lot of wind.  But just a little rain even though it looked so bad out there. 

Got to the KOA a little after 1 PM.

Not a bad campground they are not nearly full, they do have a bunch of long termers and permanent trailers set up. A couple a little dumpy.

Went swimming and took a nap after calling Meigan.

Was a very nice afternoon.

July 1, 2019  KOA Belvidere SD

Still on highway I 90 going across MN and SD  I drove the RV and Don drove the truck surely wish we only had 1 vehicle Saw a lot of things I wanted to tell Don about and share.

Got in the campground very small and a little old but nicely kept up.  I liked the sites some had very nice furniture.  The tent sites were amazing.  Don liked that they sold beer and wine.  Quiet and comfortable.  The internet was really good and they had free cable. 

July 2, 2019 KOA Belvidere SD and Rushmore Shadows Resort Rapid City SD

Well the day started late we didn’t have very far to go so we slept in and then we stopped at the 1880 town which was at the exit we took for the KOA.  Was $12 for adults $10 for Seniors and it was well worth it.  Everything well at least 95% was original they either moved it to the town or they took it apart and moved it piece by piece.  A lot of the museum stuff was the same time period. Furniture, even the shoe boxes and chamber pots etc.  It was a great thing to just walk around and look at.  I could not believe how great it was.

We spent about 1.5 hours at the 1880 Town and then headed to Rapid City.  Stopped at the Walmart and then into Rushmore Shadows.  This is our home campground for our membership camping so we get it free when we stay.  IT is going to be really full so they limited us where we could choose from and we only had 4 sites.  I have to say none of them were nice.  The one we choose barely fit the RV and truck. The sewer and water where at the front of the site and not the back of the site. We have both front wheels off the ground to make it semi level. Love the area but when we were in a pop up it seemed we had more choices. 

This evening they had a Hoop and Native American Dance company do dance exhibit and it was great.  So beautiful and they explained it as they were doing it. Such grace and how they did it for so long was something to watch.

July 3, 2019  Rushmore Shadows

A quiet day though we did run down to the Safeway to get a few things we forgot.  Hung around the camper went for a walk or two. 
I did some work on the computer and made a card or two.

July 4th 2019 Rushmore shadows.
Well it was a very wet 4th rained most of the day.  So we were inside.  Not many fireworks tonight but a lot from mother nature. Don and I did play some Rummikub and watched some TV.  So a wet slow fourth of July.

July 5th Rushmore Shadows.
Went to drive to Newcastle today to look at a jeep.  They had some older Buicks that I fell in love with a 41 and a 47 was almost the same price as the jeep but I didn’t get any, no one around.

We then stopped at Jewell Cave I got my passport book stamped but no tours available for the rest of the day.  Oh well.  Beautiful drive and then we stopped at Hill City to walk around.  We found a place that did some wood routing and ordered a sign.
Then we headed back to the campground for the afternoon rain showers.

That evening Rushmore Shadows had a huge campfire and S’mores.

July 6th 2019 Rushmore Shadow Saturday.

Today went back to Hill City to get out sign but they were not done with it.  Did get Meigan a Elephant Key Chain Purse that was at the Handbag Store

Then went to Prairie Berry Winery and got our Red Ass Wine (Rhubarb Wine).  Was a fun day. of course there was afternoon rain but then it was a nice evening and we went for a walk.

Hope you all hada  great week.