Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Do you want a good Stamping Deal? Do you want to get free stuff? Read below.

Good Afternoon

So you love Stampin' Up! stamps, paper and you really want a Big Shot I have two ways you can do that for a lot less money.

1.  Join my team. No need to sell, you don't have to do any parties or classes just join for $99 and receive $150 worth of Merchandise.  To make it better you can pick just what you want - If you want the big shot and some dies that is all you have to buy.  To make it even better yet no shipping like getting another 10% off.  If you bought just the Big Shot it would be $99.95 plus $10 for shipping and taxes.  Join my Team and for $99 plus taxes you can get the Big Shot plus $54 worth of anything else you might want (I would go for the Flower Folds Big XL die). To sweeten even more.  After you are a demo your first order within 45 days that is over $150 you get 30% off.  You just can't pass this up if you want to get the most for your money.  After that first order you get 20% all orders.  Even if you do't want to do parties or classes you still get the discount on your orders.  This offer is only good until May 30  head over to my Stampin' Up! site and join the fun

2. If you have a Stamping Party and your total reaches $350 you get an extra $30 worth of merchandise for a total of $80 worth of free merchandise so call now and reserve a date for that party. Parties must be closed by May 30.

Some answers to your questions about being a Demonstrator

What am I getting for my $99.00?
o   155.00 in merchandise of your choice from any of the active catalogs this amount is only till May 30th 2013 after that it's 125.00 in merchandise
o   No shipping charges, you only pay tax
·        Stay Active or Not?
o   $300 is all it takes to stay active on a calendar quarter
§  Ie: if you sign up today, this quarter does not count.  Your first quarter does not end until 9/30/2013.
·        Do I have to host workshops?
o   No you do not have to host workshops
·        Do I have to sell to other people?
o   No you do not have to sell to other people, you can be your own best customer
·        What is my discount?
o   Always starts at 20% and can be as high as 40%
o   If you place an order during your first 45 days after signing up you will get an additional 10% discount on order of $150.00 or more just in time for the new catalog :)
·        New products
o   Be the first to try new products in the new catalogs.
o   You can pre-order from the new catalogs and occasion catalog one month in advance. You will see the new catalog and be able to pre order on the same day.
·        Hostess Benefits
o   If your order qualifies for hostess benefits, you will receive them in addition to your 20% discount
·        Business or Hobby?
o   that decision is entirely up to you.
o   A great way to make additional income doing what you love
·        What if I do not meet the quarterly minimum?
o   You will be dropped as a demonstrator and you become my customer again
o   The merchandise is yours to keep!
·        Were you a demonstator and want to re-join Stamping Up
o   If you were a demonstrator under me and dropped you may rejoin my team immediately.
o   If you were a demonstrator under another upline and want to join my team you will need to wait 90 days after you dropped. So if you became inactive last July you can join NOW.

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