Sunday, May 19, 2013

Grandma's Rocking Chair - Questions and Answers

Good Evening,

Time to sit in Grandma's Rocking Chair and ask those Questions.

Today's Question:
I hear people talking about line stamps what are they?  Are they just a stamp with lines?

A line stamp is a stamp like that from a coloring book, made up of simple thin lines to make a picture.
This is an example of a line Stamp.

I like them since I love to color you can color them in.  Great for water coloring, shading, Stain Glass technique.

You will also hear about Solid Stamps they are stamps that are filled in, solid.  Like these:

These are good for single color stamping, mono color stamping to do backgrounds, rock and roll technique, and kissing technique.

Hope this answers your question.

Please keep sending your questions in.  Either comment with your question or email me nuhddad @ (remove the spaces).

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Happy Stamping.


  1. Love your Grandma's Rocking Chair. Keep the questions and answers coming. Thanks.

    1. Thank you. Would you have any questions you would like answered?

  2. You can do something with the Dazzling Details in the bottle (liquid) and the Dazzling Details in the little jar (glitter). They have the same name.

    Another might be - What is Stazon - difference between stazon and regular ink pad.

    1. Great Question I will put them in the line up. Thank you very much.