Monday, December 16, 2013

Grandma's Rocking Chair - December 15, 2013 - Markers or Ink Pads

Grandma's Rocking Chair question - I am a new stamper Should I buy ink pads or Markers?

Well today is a great day in my life.  I have been married to my loving husband for 25 years.  I somehow thought I would be in Hawaii for my 25th Anniversary but I guess things sometimes are not what you think they will be.  I had always thought if I ever got to 25 years that we would have a big party with family and friends and then head to Hawaii.  Well today Don worked until 6 and then we headed to Olive Garden for dinner.  Back in the house at 7:30 and Don went to bed by 9.  Here I sit doing my blog and other stamping things. Things aren't what I thought but just as good.

That just about says it for the question also.  You have two great options for ink and they are just as good.  A little different but still as good.

The Stamp Pad

Use for - Stamping, sponging, direct to paper background, water coloring, and many other techniques.

Pros - Great for stamping, quick way to ink up stamps, consistent color, great coverage, can refill with out any problems.

Cons - expensive compared to markers, hard to get more than one color on a stamp, tricky to open and close.

The Stampin' Write Markers

Use for - Stamping, applying more than one color to a stamp, splatter background, writing on the card. Highlighting, running edge of cardstock many other techniques.

Pros - Great for stamping when you want to use more than one color on a stamp, Cheaper than a stamp pad so you can get more colors, Smaller so storage is easier.

Cons - hard to refill, I am prone to lose them if I don't keep them in their box, takes a little more time to ink up a stamp.

The Flowers on this one were done with Markers and the saying and oval with a pad.

So what would I get if I were starting out again.  I think I would get the markers.  For a new stamper they have more versatility than the pads and since they are less expensive you can get more of the colors.  I would say buy at least one color family and the Markers you use the most then buy them in  pads.  Some I do not use very much and getting pads are not really cost effective if I have the marker.

I hope this helped.  If you have any stamping or paper crafting questions please leave a comment or e-mail me at marysstamping at

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Happy Stamping

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