Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tips & Techniques Tuesday - July 15 - 2014 - What to do with those Corner Rounder Scraps

If you are like me and save every piece of scrap you have you will love today's video.
I have to admit I have been sweeping these tiny scraps on the floor for my Dyson to pick up.  I save every scrap I can and I find it really hard to throw things away.
So what do you do with your project life Corner Rounder Scraps?
Or what do you do with your Envelope Punch Board Corner Rounder Scraps?
Well I looked at these and continued to sweep them on the floor or tried to punch in the basket and they ended up on the floor,oh well the Dyson is great on things like this. One day I had a bunch on my counter before I swept them on the floor and I noticed something.  It was just after I got my Sea Street Stamp Set. 

 I noticed this one little scrap.
Do you see it?  I thought you would, I bet you all thought they looked like a fish before I did.

So what did I do. Well watch the video and find out.

I just love it and check back on Thursday to see the whole card on There's A Card Thursday.
Also the information about
Sea Street Stamp Set.

Wood - 133985 $22.95
Clear - 133988 $16.95

Project Life Corner Rounder

135746 $7.95

Envelope Punch Board

133774 $19.95

Later today I will be announcing a contest to win a free month's pre-paid subscription to paper Pumpkin. It will be a Facebook contest so like my Business Facebook Page to keep up.  https://www.facebook.com/MaryTrautnerStampinUp

Happy Stamping

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