Sunday, July 17, 2016

Grandma's Rocking Chair - July 17, 2016 - Vacation and projects

Been on Vacation and really had a good time.  We were gone for over 3 weeks. Started out camping but towards the end the trailer broke so then we had to cut the vacation short and hotel it for awhile.
We started out visiting Colleges for our youngest daughter we hit, University of Nebraska, University of Iowa, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Northwestern, Milwaukee School of Engineering and Michigan Tech.  Then we visited my brother for a few days in Cadillac.  We then dropped our youngest off at Michigan State Where she had a Engineering Camp and Don and I went touring Western Michigan.  Camped at Grand Haven and visited the area around there.  Then we were heading to our last campground to see our oldest daughter and the trailer would not pop up.  It was just before the weekend and we had to go get our youngest daughter and could not find anyone to fix it. So dropped it off at my cousins and made hotel reservations.  We were expecting five days of having fun and playing games and hikes and swimming and spending nights around the fire.  Just not the same in a hotel.  We did get to see the Detroit Institute of Art, which was very nice.  We went to a movie in the best movie theater I have ever been in, the Emagine, it had lounge chairs to sit in you didn't have someone directly in front of you and you could put your feet up and head back and almost fall asleep, and I had a Margarita and Don had beer and popcorn.  We did enjoy the movie also Fining Dory and it was cheaper than our movie theaters here.  I would always go to a movie if i could go that way.

We left earlier since we couldn't take the fair across Lake Michigan, Visit with our daughter was nice but not what I expected or hoped for, would have loved the 5 days camping. Oh well.  I got back and had some new toys to play with.  I just want to show you some of the things I hav ebeen making.

I am working on some more things I hope to have done tomorrow.  Don't forget the Bonus Days.

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Happy Stamping

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