Saturday, September 22, 2018

Stamp & Camp With Mary - Update

Not the official new Logo but a go I had for now.
Had a few little hiccups, but sale of house is a go. So on Oct 25th we will be on the road year long.
we are still in Palm Springs even though we discussed going home early thought this will be the last relaxing time for while. Though we have been doing a lot to get started.  So let's catch you up on what we have been doing this week.

We are a member of Coast to Coast Resorts - I say it is like a time share for campgrounds.
They also have a special where you can rent condos for a lot less called Hop Away Holidays.  To get the cheapest you have to be able to go in a few days to 2 weeks.  So Don wanted to get out of town while they showed the house. Kayla is in Redlands CA so why not see what they have in the area.  They had a week at the Oasis Resort in Palm Springs,  for only $399 total with tax $426.  We did this when we went to Hawaii but it was a glorified hotel which wasn't bad, this is a real what I would call resort.  Here are some photos of our condo.

They have 7 pools we have one in our back yard.  It is great, furnished nicely and only about 1 hour from Kayla.  What more can we want.  We did a few things besides visiting Kayla, such as check out a few of the Coast to Coast Resorts in the area for camping.

Once we calmed down from a big hiccup regarding the sale and realized it would go through we could start planning again. (If anyone would like a recommendation on realtors we at least know who we will not recommend.) We had scheduled a down day on Thursday so Don bought our new home.  A Jayco Feather light 24RL

 We bought it on line from Terry Town RV in Grand Rapids MI.  We had visited them when we dropped Meigan off at school and really liked Matt.  I wanted the Throwback.

But they didn't have any in stock or coming in time.   So I am sad, but I can live with the one we got.  I can carry more stuff in it.  I have a little area that I will be able to do my videos and live events.  Now we just have to figure out the internet.

I am so excited we go and pick it early October so I can see my Uncle Duff and we can spend a day with Meigan.  Really it wasn't saving $2000 in shipping costs it was getting to see Meigan that sold it.  So we really had a busy down day here.

Friday we went out to Joshua Tree National Park and did a few small hikes.  I just love that park, and really wish it was one I had worked in.  These are just a few of the sites we saw. 

I did do some stamping.  I had an order for some note cards so I brought my Stamparatus and did 40 note cards.  

All those in less than an hour.  

When We get back home late Wednesday I have to start sorting what I am going to take and what is going to get stored and what I have to sell or donate again.  Final DeStash.  I know about my inks, markers and card stock.  Now to figure out tools.   will take 1 big shot, 1 simply scored, 1 stamparatus, my envelope punch board, my trimmer and a few punches.  I will have to take scissors which I forgot on this trip and my adhesives.  What else should I take?

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